Humour: Vinay Kumar turns angel investor; lends much-needed cash to Dr. Mallya!

Vinay Kumar (left) gets an appreciate hug from Virat Kohli after he conveyed to his Royal Challengers Bangalore team mate his decision to turn angel investor to help RCB boss Vijay Mallya tide over his financial difficulties with Kingfisher Airlnes © Getty Images

Kingfisher Airlines has finally lined up an angel investor in the form of Vinay Kumar. The Karnataka speedster, who was recently snapped up by Dr. Mallya’s Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) for a cool $1 million, will be extending some much-needed hard cash in the form of soft loans to prevent further last-minute Kingfisher flight cancellations.

Vinay decided to generously extend a helping hand after being informed that the “King of Good Times” was planning to return to Bangalore from Delhi by train, and that too in three- Tier AC through Tatkaal booking, after yet another Kingfisher flight got cancelled.

“Mallya sir apparently needs hard cash to pay oil companies. So I have given him an advance of $300,000 which should be sufficient to fuel 15 to 20 flights. Least I can do for his generosity in buying me for $1million, yaa,” said an emotionally-charged Vinay while speaking to The Unreal Times from Australia. The fast bowler has been distraught ever since he heard about Kingfisher’s mounting woes and has been off the boil, revealed a member of the Indian cricket team on condition of anonymity.

The ‘Davangere Express’, now also called the ‘Bangalore Scooty’ after his insipid bowling in the recent ODIs, has also reached out to his RCB mates, including Zaheer Khan, Virat Kohli, Anil Kumble and Chris Gayle to double up as Kingfisher crew to tide over staff shortage. “Let’s do it for Dr. Mallya, guys,” tweeted Vinay.

In response, Kumble, who is RCB’s mentor, has gallantly agreed to chip in as a flight engineer, while Kohli is keen to take up flight attendant duties during off-time. 

The Kingfisher management however wants the Delhi lad to undergo anger management training first.


(Reproduced with permission from The UnReal Times is one of the top websites for satire, spoof, parody and humour in India)