N Srinivasan © PTI
N Srinivasan © PTI


By The Flying Freak


Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction


Just over a month ago, the world’s largest democracy was drooling over the prospect of ‘achche din aane wale hai’ [good days are here] elevating their quality of life. Yet very few cared to notice a historic moment in the history of sports in India and perhaps in the world. How on this planet is some former tea vendor becoming 15th Prime Minister of India more important than the first ever chairman of International Cricket Council (ICC) and also the wall of India selling tons of cement — N Srinivasan?


If at all there was true sense of ‘achche din’ for cricket, it is now. India, and even the world is filled with administrators in sports ambush marketing for fevicol by holding on to their seats. And here is a man who honestly gave up the position as head of one of the most powerful and richest sports body in the world — Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Even after that, people and media chose to throw stones at the tree filled with fruits.


“What my image is, the media has a view. I stepped aside voluntarily. One must judge me by results. It’s the first day. I have just been elected. One has to wait and see as to what is the effect I have on the ICC before you make that call,” narrated the great man after accepting the top post of ICC wading through rough waters with sharks like Supreme Court.


So what are the effects aka achche din mean for the game of cricket.


–  Cleaning corruption from those who rule and those who are ruled in cricket.


–  The Robin Hood of ICC will ensure there is equal distribution of wealth.


–  No relatives of officials will be allowed even near the stand next to the dressing room.


–  DRS will be implemented to remove all bad deeds by the umpires.


–  No team will be bullied or even denied hosting a bilateral series.


–  Teams with improper financial records will not receive any financial appeasement assistance from the ICC.


–  IPL will be considered as T20 World Cup so that there is no stress on players to return to the national teams and run around for most part of the year.


–  And more significantly, [like the new head of the country] even this head promises to remove all the corruption happening through fixing and betting.


The problems in cricket are plenty, but Srinivasan is the only man who can wade through it. Lesser mortals have failed to predict all this except the one who stuck by him during trying hours — like the secretary of BCCI. “As India takes the leadership position in World Cricket, the responsibility of guiding the game in these challenging times could not have found a better leader than Mr Srinivasan,” he accurately stated.


If the Managing Director of a cement company can easily run the Board of Control for Cricket in India, it shows how good the iron man of sports administration will be to run the ICC single-handedly. While you crib about fixing and unwanted squabbles, Srinivasan looks at these as a minor incident. “I cannot accept that cricket has an image problem. Here may have been some instances. Rare instances, few and far between,” Indeed such wise words give a great assurance that cricket is going to scale new heights.


(The Flying Freak eats, lives, drinks cricket, but likes to mix up the sport with everything. An aspiring vocalist, he is aiming to win the Ghanta Awards soon)