So that should settle the debate on whether or not Dhoni still has it in him or no. He has proved exactly why he is so important to the team going into the World Cup. Got his second consecutive fifty and took India to victory. The chase though, was more than just about Dhoni. It started off really solidly with Rohit and Dhawan adding 47 for the first wicket before the latter perished to an unnecessary shot.

4: 40 pm – Over 49: Marcus Stoinis to ball the very crucial 49th over. MS Dhoni struggling with some back niggle. Single off the first ball; two off the second by Dinesh Karthik; single off the third; Single off the fourth and Dinesh Karthik laps one fine and takes three runs. Last delivery and Dhoni takes a single. Nine off it. IND 292/4, need 7 runs in 6 balls

4: 34 pm – Over 48: Jason Behrendorff on and he gives away nine runs. Good running between the wickets by MS Dhoni and Dinesh Karthik. IND 283/4, need 16 runs in 12 balls

4: 29 pm – Over 47: Dinesh Karthik takes another four as he moves to 13 off 6 balls. Short one from Marcus Stoinis. IND 274/4, need 25 off 18

4: 25 pm – Over 46: That another good over for India. Young Jhye Richardson is not able to finish well. 12 runs off the over. IND 265/4, need 34 runs in 24 balls

4:20 pm – Over 45: Big over for India as MS Dhoni finally gets his radar right, hits a six off Nathan Lyon. 11 runs off it. IND 255/4, need 44 runs in 30 balls.

4:10 pm – Over 44: Jhye Richardson claims the big wicket. Virat Kohli perishes in the deep. Gone for 104. He is not happy as he walks back. IND 242/4. 6 runs off the over. Dinesh Karthik is the new man in, India need 55 runs in 36 balls

4:03 pm – Over 43: Century No. 39 in ODIS for Virat Kohli. 10 runs off that Peter Siddle over. India 238/3, need 61 runs in 42 balls.

3:56 pm – Over 42: Jhye Richardson with a very good over under pressure, 4 runs off it. Virat Kohli moves to 99. IND 228/3, need 71 runs in 48 balls

3:51 pm – Over 41: Peter Siddle back on and Dhoni pulls one to fine leg, it up in the air but Jason Behrendorff can’t reach it. Two wides in the over also. 8 runs off the over. IND 224/3, need 75 runs in 54 balls

3:47 pm – Over 40: Good over from Marcus Stoinis under the circumstances. Three dots to Dhoni., just one off it IND 216/3, need 83 runs in 60 balls

3:43 pm – Over 39: Jhye Richardson on now. Six runs off it. IND 215/3, need 84 runs in 66 balls

3:39 pm – Over 38: Marcus Stoinis continues. And Kohli moves in to the 90s with a slash towards backward point. He is controlling the chase. IND 209/3. India need 90 runs in 72 balls

3:35 pm – Over 37: Virat Kohli is motoring along now. Dances down the track to Nathan Lyon and hoists his for a straight six off the first ball. 11 runs off it. India need 96 runs in 78 balls

3:32 pm – Over 36: Marcus Stoinis back in to the attack and a tidy over. 5 runs off it. IND 192/3, need 107 runs in 84 balls

3:28 pm – Over 35: 7 runs off the Nathan Lyon over. IND 187/3

3:24 pm – Over 34: And Virat Kohli steps it up; a four and six off Jason Behrendorff . 14 runs off the over. The chsr is on. IND 180/3

3:19 pm – Over 33 – Glenn Maxwell to MS Dboni – five dots and a single. IND 166/3

3:16 pm – Over 32: Jason Behrendorff back in the attack and gives away just four runs. IND 165/3

3:10 pm – Over 31: Ambati Rayudu was getting bogged down and he tried to break free a couple of times, but his timing was off. He tried to clear the outfield off the bowling Glenn Maxwell and is caught in the deep by Marcus Stoinis. Fifty No. 49 for Virat Kohli as well. IND 161/3

3:04 pm – Over 30: Jhye Richardson continues and Ambati rayudu charges down trying to go over the infield, but doesn’t time well, but gets a couple of runs. 50 run stand up between the Rayudu and his skipper as well. IND 155/2

2:59 pm – Over 29: Glenn Maxwell continues. Some confusion in the middle and with Ambati Rayudu you can expect that to happen. No damage done though and Kohli sents back Rayudu who was going for the second run. 4 runs off the over. IND 149/2

2:54 pm – Over 28: Jhye Richardson back for his third spell. And he tries a short one to Ambati Rayudu. Rayudu was on the charge and manages to pull to fine leg, doesn’t time it well and that works for the batsman. Falls short of the fine leg fielder. Good sutff from Richardson, just three runs off it. IND 145/2

2:54 pm – Over 27: Glenn Maxwell in to the act now. 5 runs off it. IND 142/2

2:51 pm – Over 26: There comes Peter Siddle again. Kohli goes for his shots, but can’t find the boundary. 5 runs off the over. IND 137/2

2: 44 pm – Over 25: And here’s Nathan Lyon again. One over bursts for Peter Siddle it seems. Virat Kohli and Ambati Rayudu rotating the strike. 6 runs off the over. IND 132/2

2: 39 pm – Over 24: Couple of chances in that over for Marcus Stoinis. Rayidi plays two shots uppishly, but the ball lands in safe distance from the fielders. IND 126/2

2: 39 pm – Over 23: Peter Siddle back in to the attack, as Nathan Lyon ends his first spell. Ambati Rayudu takes a four and seven runs off it. IND 121/2

2: 28 pm – Over 23: Tidy over from Marcus Stoinis. 3 runs off it. IND 114/2

2: 28 pm – Over 21: Three runs off Nathan Lyon’s sixth over. IND 111/2

2: 28 pm – Over 20: Ambati Rayudu gets off the mark with a delicate but between wicketkeeper and the wide slip for a four. 5 runs off it. IND 1o7/2

2: 25 pm – Over 19: Another tidy over from Nathan Lyon, just one run off it. IND 103/2

2: 22 pm – Over 18: Bowling change works for Aaron Finch and Australia. Rohit Sharma tried to take on a short one from Marcus Stoinis and is caught deep sqaure leg superbly by Peter Handscomb. Australia are pumped. That is a key wicket. Rohit goes for 43. IND 102/2

2:17 pm – Over 17: Rohit Sharma gets under Nathan Lyon’s flighted delivery and that is a SIX. 10 runs off the over. India 96/1

Drinks Break

2:12 pm – Over 16: Peter Siddle’s fourth over cost Australia four runs. And that is drinks. IND 86/1

2: 07 pmOver 15: Another tidy over from Nathan Lyon. Three off it. IND 82/1

2: 03 pm – Over 14: Change of end for Peter Siddle as well and he tries to bounce Rohit Sharma. But the Indian opener is up for it and with a controlled hook hits the first six of the Indian innings. Virat Kohli too gets in to the act with a sumptuous straight drive. 13 runs off it. IND 79/1

2: 00 pm – Over 13 – Nathan Lyon on for his second over and four runs off it again. IND 66/1

1: 58 pm – Over 12 – Change of end of Jhye Richardson as well, but they doesn’t help him. Super timing by Virat Kohli and through the gap on the offside takes a boundary. IND 62/1

1: 55 pm – Over 11 – Nathan Lyon replaces Peter Siddle. And the off spinner gives away just four runs in his first over. IND 57/1

1:50 pm – Over 10 – Jason Behrendorff with another super over. Just two runs off it. India 53/1

1:46 pm – Over 9 – Peter Siddle sends down a tidy over. Just three runs off it as Virat Kohli settles himself in. IND 51/1 in chase of 299 to win

1:43 pm – Over 8: And Shikhar Dhawan falls skying one to mid-off. Usman Khawaja with a good catch. Success for Jason Behrendorff, after being taken for four. 7 runs off it. IND 48/1 in chase of 299 to win

1:38 pm – Over 7: Peter Siddle in to the attack and he also goes for runs. 7 runs off it. IND 41/0 in chase of 299 to win

1: 33 pm – Over 6: Jhye Richardson continues to leak runs. 7 runs including a wide and a four. IND 34/0 in chase of 299 to win

1: 28 pm – Over 5: Shikhar Dhawan seems to be a man on a mission. Charges down to the towering Jason Behrendorff trying to whip the length all towards the midwicket ropes, after getting four off leg byes, Gets two. Half-volley next up and creams a cover drive for four. Intent clearly visible. 12 runs off it. IND 27/0 in chase of 299 to win

1:24 pm – Over 4: Jhye Richardson has been off colour in his first two overs. Has strayed down the leg to Shikhar Dhawan and the left-hand bat takes a boundary towards the square leg region. Five off it though. IND 15/0 in chase off 299

1:20 pm – Over 3: Another good over from Jasn Behrendorff. Just one off it. IND 10/0 in chase of 299

1:15 pm – Over 2: Jhye Richardson shares the new ball and he is taken for a couple of boundaries by Rohit Sharma. The opener is looking in took nick, following his valiant 133 in the first ODI. Nine runs off it. IND 9/0 in chase of 299

1:10 pm – Over 1: India’s run chase underway. Jason Behrendorff has the new ball, Rohit Sharma on strike and he starts off with a maiden. IND 0/0

For the Indians, the pick of the bowlers were Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammed Shami who finished with figures of 4/45 and 3/58 respectively. Mohammed Siraj had a forgetful debut where he went on to concede the most runs by an Indian bowler on debut. A tough initiation to ODI cricket for him. As for the spinners, they did a decent job but failed to pick more than 1 wicket. Coming to the chase, the pitch does look good to bat on and with small boundaries, there should be no reason why this target cannot be achieved by the Indians. They will have to guard against the new-ball pair of Australia that ripped the top order apart last time. The visitors will look for a good start from the two openers as well as look upto their captain to get to this stiff target.

A strong finish by India here but one would have to believe that Australia have put a more than par score on board here. They would have loved to have reached 300 but unfortunately for them, they lost their way once the partnership between Glenn Maxwell and Shaun Marsh was broken. Only 17 runs came off the last 3 overs while 4 wickets were lost. But the Aussies wouldn’t be too bothered as 93 runs came off the last 10 overs and with the help of the two boundaries from Nathan Lyon in the end, the hosts have reached 298/9. The innings began very slowly and the visitors picked up two early wickets in the form of Alex Carey and Aaron Finch. Post that though, Shaun Marsh took control and with the help of four fifty-plus partnerships in a row, got to his seventh ODI century. His big innings of 131 held together Australia even as wickets fell around him. Eventually, a more than decent score was achieved.

12: 35 pm: Over 50 – Bhuvneshwar Kumar to finish off the innings. He has been stellar so far and scalps Jhye Richardson off the first ball of the over. Jason Behrendorff comes out to bat for the first time in ODIs. Takes a single and Nathan Lyon finds a boundary and then finishes the innings with SIX. AUS finishes at 298/9

12: 31 pm: Over 49 – Strong finish by Mohammad Shami – aided by bowling at the tail – three dots, two singles and a wicket. Two runs off it. AUS 286/8. He finishes his spell with 10-0-58-3.

12: 26 pm: Over 48 – Bhuvneshwar gets rewarded for some good bowling. Slower one and Glenn Maxwell fails to get any power behind the lofted drive, is caught at long-off by Dinesh Karthik. Maxwell’s cameo of 48 off 37 comes to an end and a ball later Shaun Marsh for an identical shot, caught at long-off by Ravindra Jadeja. Marsh goes for 131 off 123 balls. AUS 284/6

12: 19 pm: Over 47 – And Virat Kohli is forced to go back to Mohammad Siraj and he could have had wickets off the first two balls. Maxwell hit on towards sweeper cover but Ambati Rayudu was slow to react – could reach the ball in time. Next ball, Maxwell hits one over extra cover and Rohit Sharma with a full length jump gets a hand to it, but fails to hold on. Making it worse is a four, a ball later. Nine runs off it. AUS 281/5

12: 14 pm: Over 46 – Bhuvneshwar Kumar back on and it was a terrific over, until, Shaun Marsh with a kitchen sink finds the middle of the bat and another six, and that a 12-run over. AUS 272/5

12: o7 pm: Over 45 – Maxwell in his elements now. Takes a four off Mohammad Shami before Marsh hits a six. 13 runs off the over. AUS 260/5

11: 58 am: Over 44 – Mohammed Siraj continues and its a boundary first ball, but he traps Glenn Maxwell in front. Maxwell reviews and the on-field decision is overturned. Maxwell still in the middle. The Hyderabad bowler still in search of his first ODI wicket and it has not been a good day for him. Another four next delivery by Maxwell. A total off 13 runs. AUS 247/5

11: 54 am: Over 43 – Big over for Australia as Glenn Maxwell hits the first six off the match, followed by another one from Shaun Marsh. 16 runs off Kuldeep Yadav’s final over as he finished with a forgettable 10-0-66-0. AUS 234/5

11: 48 am: Over 42 – Good over from Mohammad Siraj. Four singles off it. AUS 218/5. Glenn Maxwell 14(14) and Shaun Marsh 102 (111). AUS 218/5

LIVE SCORE: Australia vs India Live Cricket Score, 2nd ODI

11: 43 am: Over 41 – That’s 7th ODI hundred for Shaun Marsh off 108 balls. Excellent innings comprising 10 fours. He rebuilt the Australian innings with Usman Khawaja then continued the momentum with Peter Handscomb and Marcus Stoinis. Now with Glenn Maxwell he will aim to finish big. Nine runs off the Kuldeep Yadav over. AUS 215/5

11: 39 am: Over 40 – Ravindra Jadeja ends his spell with a two-minute over – Two runs off it. He finished with 10-1-49-1. AUS 205/5

11: 37 am: Over 39 – Glenn Maxwell gets lucky and gets a top edge boundary off Mohammad Shami. 8 runs off it. AUS 203/5

11: 33 am: Over 38 – Shaun Marsh moves in to the 90s with a controlled hoick over mid-off off Ravindra Jadeja. Six runs off it. AUS 195/5

11: 30 am: Over 37: Back-to-back fours for Marcus Stoinis one off the front foot and off the backfoot. But Mohammad Shami strikes, a little bit of underage, attempting to pull and not so short delivery. Easy catch for MS Dhoni. He goes for 29. In walks Glenn Maxwell and he is greeted with two bouncers. AUS 189/5

11: 22 am: Over 36: Shaun Marsh takes a boundary off Ravindra Jadeja’s 8th over. A delicate late cut and he moves to 86. 8 runs off it. AUS 180/4

11: 19 am: Over 35: Another tidy over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Pressure building on Shaun Marsh and Marcus Stoinis. Five runs off it. AUS 172/4

11: 16 am: Over 34: Expensive over from Kuldeep as Australia look to change gear. A four and five more runs. AUS 167/4

11: 11 am: Over 33: Bhuvneshwar back for his second spell. This would test him. He was expensive in the middle overs in the 1st ODI when Peter Handscomb got a few boundaries. Will Marcus Stoinis and Shaun Marsh target the pacer again. Just four runs off it though. AUS 158/4

11: 03 am: Over 32: 7 runs from that Kuldeep Yadav over. AUS 154/4. Shaun Marsh 69(82) and Marcus Stoinis 12(19)

10: 55 am: Over 31 – Mohammed Siraj continues and he has taken the pressure off new man Marcus Stoinis with a poor delivery. Great timing from Stoinis and a four towards fine leg. Six runs off it. AUS 147/4

10: 55 am: Over 30 – Australia getting bogged down again. Ravindra Jadeja fires in another tidy over. Just five off it. AUS 141/4


10: 55 am: Over 29 – Good comeback by Mohammad Siraj. Just two runs off it. AUS 136/4

10: 51 am: Over 28 – Ravindra Jadeja strikes – Peter Handscomb went for a slogsweep, misses, but goes on with the shot and MS Dhoni does the rest behind the stumps. He goes for 20 off 22. Maiden-wicket over from Jadeja. AUS 134/4

10: 44 am: Over 27 – Mohammad Siraj back for the second dig and he is too short once again. Two fours and nine runs off it. AUS 134/3

10: 40 am: Over 26 – 5 runs off the Ravindra Jadeja over. AUS 125/3

10: 36 am: Over 25 – Fantastic shot for four by Shaun Marsh and that’s the only scoring shot from the Mohammad Shami over. AUS 120/3

10: 32 am: Over 24 – Peter Handscomb and Shaun Marsh seems to be picking Ravindra Jadeja better. 7 runs off it. And that’s 50 for Marsh as well. His 14th in ODI, 4th against India, 2nd of the series. AUS 116/3

10: 27 am: Over 23 – Rest for Kuldeep Yadav. Mohammad Shami in to the attack. Kuldeep ends a good spell at 6-0-25-0. 5 runs off it. AUS 109/3

10: 22 am: Over 22 – Another Ravindra Jadeja over comes to a speedy end. Four off the first ball and then three singles. 100 up for Australia as well. AUS 104/3

10:20 am: Over 21 – Peter Handcomb takes a four of Kuldeep’s last ball and Australia move to 97/3. 8 runs off it.

10:15 am: Over 20 – Ravindra Jadeja fires in another over. Five runs off the over. AUS 89/3

10:12 am: Over 19 – Kuldeep in to his fourth over and brilliance from Ravindra Jadeja in the field. Direct hit frm point and Usman Khawja has to depart for 21 off 23. Game-changing stuff this. Two runs off the over and a wicket. AUS 83/3

10:06 am: Over 18 – Time for some quick overs as Ravindra Jadeja introduced in to the attack and he gives away four runs including a wide. AUS 81/2

10:02 am: Over 17 – 50-run stand up between Shaun Marsh (25) and Usman Khawaja (21). Kuldeep Yadav’s third over goes for 3 runs. AUS 77/2

10:02 am: Over 16 – Back live and Siraj has another expensive over fours and a wide. Wayward lines and too short. 13 off the over. AUS 74/2

Drinks break

9:53 am: Over 15 – Good over from Kuldeep Yadav. Just four off it. AUS 61/2. Shaun Marsh 16(27) and Usman Khawaja 15(17).

9:50 am: Over 14 – Another expensive over from Mohammed Siraj. Bowls a few short balls and Shaun Marsh pulls one towards deep midwicket, before Usman Khawaja helps a legside ball to the backward square boundary. 11 off it again. AUS 57/2

9:45 am: Over 13 – Kuldeep Yadav in his elements – draws forward Shaun Marsh – and that’s nearly a stumping, but he survives. Four runs off it – all singles. AUS 46/2

9:42 am: Over 12 – Mohammed Siraj continues and starts off from over the wicket and gets this one right. Angled across to Shaun Marsh. Straightens after pitching and that’s a play and a miss. Just one off it. AUS 42/2

9:38 am: Over 11 – Kuldeep Yadav in to the attack, once again in the Powerplay overs similar to the first ODI. And three runs off it. AUS 41/2

9:35 am : Over 10 – First bowling change and it is the ODI debutant Mohammad Siraj. Nerves showing. Drifts down the leg and Usman Khawaja takes a boundary behind square. And after three balls, he goes round the wicket and immediately gets a good shape in to Shaun Marsh – tied down for space. 11 runs off it. AUS 38/2

9:29 am : Over 9 – Excellent over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Just one off it. His figures so far read 5-0-9-1. AUS 27/2

9:25 am : Over 8 – And Alex Carey breaks the shackles, slight pitched up outside off and Carey drives well to take a boundary in front of square towards the short boundary. But it is a wicket next ball. Bouncer and Carey is out of position to to try and pull it. Top edges it to short mid where Shikhar Dhawan takes an easy catch. Terrific comeback delivery from Shami. Angled across the left-hander who was committed to go forward. Carey goes for 18 off 27 balls. AUS 26/2

9:17 am : Over 7 – Bhuvneshwar on to his 4th over and he has got his line and length sorted. Just back of a length and offand middle line. Australian openers not able to break the shackles. and Finch is gone. He tried to go down town with the ball pitched up slightly, but he did not account for the inward movement and the stumps are rattled. AUS 20/1

9:14 am : Over 6 – Dinesh Karthik with a good stop. Mohammed Shami had given Alex Carey width and he drove well, but Karthik stops a certain boundary at short cover. 4 off it. AUS 18/0

9:10 am : Over 5 – Movement for Bhuvneshwar Kumar as well, tidy lines as well. Australia openers not able to get away. Alex Carey is on 10 off 18, Aaron Finch has 2 from 13. Just three runs off it. AUS 14/0

9:05 am : Over 4 – Mohammed Shami gets some good inward movement and Alex Carey seemed to be in trouble. Two singles and four dots. AUS 11/0

9:02 am : Over 3 – Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts off with a wide, but follows it up with five dots. Just one off it. AUS 9/0

8: 58 am: Over 2 – Mohammad Shami has the new ball in his hand. And after a dot ball, Alex Carey takes the first boundary of the match. Down the leg and Carey connects well to hit the ball past the square leg boundary. 8 runs off it. AUS 8/0

8: 53 am: Over 1 – First over done and dusted. Bhuvneshwar strayed down the leg first up to help Alex Carey open his account. Skipper Aaron Finch too got going with single of the first ball he faced. Three runs off it. AUS 3/0




Playing XIs

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni(w), Dinesh Karthik, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Siraj, Mohammed Shami

Australia: Aaron Finch(c), Alex Carey(w), Usman Khawaja, Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb, Marcus Stoinis, Glenn Maxwell, Nathan Lyon, Peter Siddle, Jhye Richardson, Jason Behrendorff

TOSS: Australia win the toss and opt to bat first against India. Australia are unchanged, while for India Khaleel Ahmed makes way for Mohammed Siraj – ODI debut for the Hyderabad pacer.

Chetan Narula, CricketCountry contributor has this snippet

The Adelaide Oval is the venue – India 0-1 down in the third-match series – Australia will aim to seal the series – and by the looks of it, India will continue to experiment

It’s match time folks!

Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the 2nd ODI between India and Australia from the Adelaide Oval.

After losing the series opener in Sydney by 34 runs, Virat Kohli-led India find themselves in a must-win situation when they face Australia in the second of the three-match ODI series at the Adelaide Oval on Tuesday.

With the departure of Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, India are left struggling to find the right balance. The think-tank will be tempted to field Kedar Jadhav in place of Ambati Rayudu, whose bowling action has come under the scanner. Jadhav s inclusion will not only bolster the batting line-up, but his slingy action can also be useful in breaking partnerships. (ALSO READ: Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul will learn from their mistakes, give them another chance: Simon Taufel)

Allrounder Vijay Shankar, who was named as replacement for Pandya, may also be included in place of the off-colour Dinesh Karthik.

Meanwhile, the hosts are unlikely to make any changes and will rely on their top order comprising Alex Carey, Peter Handscomb, Usman Khawaja, Glenn Maxwell and Shaun Marsh. Captain Aaron Finch will hope to put a full stop to his recent slump in form. (ALSO READ: Glad to be back to bowling 135ks after six-week gap: Bhuvneshwar Kumar)

In the bowling department, Jhye Richardson and Jason Behrendorff were impressive in the first ODI with the pace duo sharing six wickets between them.

A series win for Australia in the World Cup year will hold the defending champions in god stead, while India are certain to ensure that the final ODI at Melbourne does not turn out to be an inconsequential one.