IPL 2015: Why David Warner didn’t turn up at the IPL 2015 opening ceremony

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

Australian batsman David Warner was rewarded for his phenomenal year of international cricket when he was named the skipper of Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) earlier this year. It did surprise a lot of people when former SRH skipper Shikhar Dhawan walked out instead of Warner to sign the MCC Spirit of Cricket bat. Cricket fans took Google’s help to figure out if the captaincy changed hands as with IPL one can expect the unexpected.

Warner, who got married last week, posted an apology tweet saying the fans sorry that he couldn’t attend the ceremony and that he is on his way today.

Criclife sources in Australia revealed to us the real reason for his absence. A friend of Warner, who was also present at his wedding in Berry, Criclife: “David didn’t want to sign on the spirit of cricket bat as that would not let him be himself during the tournament. He is an ethical guy and didn’t want to sign something and then violate the laws. He doesn’t believe in those things and Indians who will now play with or have played against him this summer know it pretty well. He wants to continue playing the way he did. His bat and tongue, both work best when they are in unison. Hence he delayed his arrival.”

Apparently, Warner has learnt Punjabi from Gurinder Singh’s cousins to counter the likes of Harbhajan Singh, Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh during the IPL. It may be recalled that Warner had a tough time during India’s tour of Australia as he couldn’t pick up Kohli’s Hindi words. Talk about preparation!

So gear up for more tamasha this season as the Aussie pocket dynamite has geared himself up and will be as effective with tongue as his bat.


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