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RCB are a game behind, and a seventh straight defeat, will not only make it the worst start ever by a team, it would also end RCB s hopes of making it to the final four. @ BCCI

11.51 pm: We leave you with some images of what this win, RCB’s first of this season, meant to captain Virat Kohli. That’s a wrap for now, folks. We hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we enjoyed reporting it to you. Do stick around for all the post-match reports, videos, analysis and much more, but from all of us over here, it’s good night!


11.49 pm: Here’s what Marcus Stoinis had to say about his knock today

“(Whether being an ex-KXIP player helped in Mohali) Maybe, really enjoyed playing here (grins). I said to him (AB), that he is probably the best player of our generation and he showed it today. (On RCB finally getting a win) Yes, I was telling Gary (Kirsten) that I had brought two points for the side after my recent trip and we got it today (chuckles). The main difference tonight was that our bowlers came back well, which is key in this format. We kept coming back with the ball and then got partnerships with the bat. (On every game being a knockout) It is, but for now, we can’t get too ahead of ourselves.”

Summary: Finally, finally, finally, RCB have registered points this season, after a string of six defeats, they have now beaten KXIP, who have lose their first match in eight games at Mohali. The last one was against Gujarat Lions in 2017. Kohli was ecstatic after Stoinis scored the winning runs and yelled a huge “come on”. The win was set up by the captain, who registered his 36th IPL half-century and his partnership with De Villiers. What a day for RCB and their fans!


11.43 pm: Some initial reactions after RCB win their first match of IPL 2019




Royal Challengers Bangalore innings (Target 174)




20th over: IT’S ALL OVEER! Stoinis scores the winning runs, the tricky move hasn’t worked. RCB win by 8 wickets and register their first win of this season. Ashwin introduces Sarfaraz Khan, who is bowling his first ever over in IPL history and he has been smoked for a boundary by Stoinis.


19th over: STOINIS SHINES! Shami to continue. Meanwhile, De Villiers has brought him his half-century in 35 balls. GAME ON! It’s getting really close here. Stoinis smashed a vital boundary and ABD follows it up with a MASSIVE HIT to the deep square-leg region. RCB need 6 from 6 to register their first win.


18th over: Andrew Tye to continue and Marcus Stoinis welcomes him with a boundary. RCB need more of these now. Back-to-back fours for Marcus Stoinis. DROPPED! Murugan Ashwin drops a skier, can Stoinis make Kings XI pay? SIX! AB goes aerial, he smashes this one over extra cover. RCB need 23 from 14 now. RCB 154/2 (De Villiers 50, Stoinis 17)


17th over: Ravichandran Ashwin has brought himself back into the attack, and he’s bowled a good one, 6 runs from it. RCB 136/2 (De Villiers 43, Stoinis 6)

16th over: BIG WICKET! Mohammed Shami comes back into the attack and strikes immediately, and that too with the BIG WICKET of Virat Kohli, who departs for a well-played 67. Kohli smashes this pull shot, but it goes straight to Murugan Ashwin at the boundary line. Marcus Stoinis has joined De Villiers in the middle. 4 runs and the wicket in this over, good one for KXIP. RCB 130/2 (De Villiers 42, Stoinis 1)



15th over: Murugan Ashwin comes back into the attack, and bowls a good one, just the 4 runs from it. RCB 126/1 (Kohli 66, De Villiers 40)


RCB running away with this run-chase here, this is certainly been their best performance of this season so far.

14th over: Andrew Tye will continue and he’s gone for just 5 runs. RCB 122/1 (Kohli 64, De Villiers 38)

Strategic timeout!



13th over: Sam Curran comes back into the attack, and he concedes 10 from the over including a boundary by De Villiers. RCB 117/1 (Kohli 63, De Villiers 34)



12th over: Andrew Tye is back into the attack and Kohli brings up his 36th IPL fifty, the captain leading from the front. 9 from this over. RCB 107/1 (Kohli 59, De Villiers 28)



11th over: The other Ashwin, yes, the captain, will continue. Kohli smashes a good cut shot to backward point for a boundary, which brings up the 50-run partnership between these two. 10 from the over. RCB 98/1 (Kohli 50, De Villiers 28)

10th over: Murugan Ashwin will continue and AB de Villiers welcomes him with a boundary after the timeout. 8 runs from this over. RCB 88/1 (Kohli 43, De Villiers 26)

Strategic timeout!


9th over: Ravichandran Ashwin is back into the attack. SPIN FROM BOTH ENDS NOW. STAT ATTACK: Virat Kohli now holds the record of most runs by an Indian in the Twenty20 cricket, surpasses Suresh Raina’s tally of 8145 runs. It took Virat 48 innings less to go past Raina. Good over by Ashwin, 6 from it. RCB 80/1 (Kohli 40, De Villiers 21)


8th over: Murugan Ashwin to continue. There’s been a change of ball. Excellent over this one, just the 3 runs from it. RCB 74/1 (Kohli 37, De Villiers 18)

7th over: ANOTHER BOWLING CHANGE: Andrew Tye has been introduced into the attack. 8 runs from the over, which included a boundary by De Villiers. RCB 71/1 (Kohli 35, De Villiers 17)


6th over: BOWLING CHANGE: Murugan Ashwin, the legspinner, is introduced into the attack. Captain Kohli in on FIRE smashing consecutive boundaries in this over, after missing to chop one onto his stumps. He would have had his hearth in his mouth. M Ashwin concedes 9 from his first over. RCB 63/1 (Kohli 34, De Villiers 10)



5th over: Shami to continue, and AB de Villiers has already smashed TWO BOUNDARIES, 10 runs coming off this over. RCB 54/1 (Kohli 26, De Villiers 9)

4th over: WICKET! BOWLING CHANGE: The KXIP skipper Ravichandran Ashwin has brought himself into the attack, and he has struck immediately, with the wicket of Parthiv Patel, who was looking to charge down the track, but miscued it and gave Mayank Agarwal an easy catch at long-off. Parthiv departs for 19 off just 9 balls. AB de Villiers has joined Kohli in the middle. 8 runs and the wicket from this over. RCB 44/1 (Kohli 25, De Villiers 0)


3rd over: Sam Curran to continue and Kohli welcomes him with a boundary towards the mid-off region. Parthiv too added to his boundary tally and smashed back-to-back fours to give the visitors a flying start. RCB 36/0 (Parthiv 18, Kohli 18)

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2nd over: Mohammed Shami will share the new ball with Curran and Kohli gets into the act, smashing consecutive boundaries, just pure class and timing. 15 runs from this over. RCB 21/0 (Kohli 11, Parthiv 10)


1st over: Welcome back with the RCB run-chase, and Parthiv Patel begins with a BOUNDARY off Sam Curran, classy shot by him. 6 runs from Curran’s opening over. RCB 6/0 (Parthiv Patel 5, Virat Kohli 1)


Kings XI Punjab innings

9.54 pm: Yuzvendra Chahal talks about his bowling performance today:

“He (Gayle) is a great batsman in T20s. It’s hard to bowl to him. Whenever he is batting, we always enjoy. We didn’t want to take a chance against someone like Gayle. We (spinners) decided to bowl in the middle overs. First ball to Rahul wasn’t good, but I backed myself. I decided to bowl stump to stump. It’s a big ground and hence I can’t bowl flat here. I always like to take chances. It’s gripping a bit as well. There’s a bit of dew, which is good for us. It’s is not a bad total. We have a good batting line-up and we have to back ourselves.”

Summary: Another splendid show from the Universe Boss! Although he received a reprieve had RCB reviewed the decision in the fifth ball of the innings, Gayle was on song today, despite showing patience against the spinners — Yuzvendra Chahal and Moeen Ali — who brought RCB back into the game. RCB missed a review, Kohli dropped a dolly at the end, but RCB still stopped Gayle from scoring a century. 51 runs were scored in the last 5 overs and RCB will take it any day specially after the platform Rahul and Gayle gave the hosts. Kohli and Co will fancy themselves to chase down this one, but you never know in the game of cricket. Stay tuned for an exciting run-chase’s coming right up.



9.46 pm: Some initial reactions from KXIP’s innings



20th over: Siraj to bowl the final over, Gayle inches closer to another IPL century, HE ALMOST DID IT, so close yet so far, Chris Gayle remains unbeaten on 99. KXIP finish at 173/4

19th over: 16 runs from this over by Umesh Yadav, Gayle moves into the nineties. KXIP 162/4 (Gayle 90, Mandeep 16)

18th over: Navdeep Saini gives away a four but overall, it is a good over for RCB as Gayle-Mandeep can only score 8 runs. KXIP 146/4 (Gayle 78, Mandeep 14)

17th over: Mohammad Siraj is back into the attack, and CHRIS GAYLE has sent the white ball to the MOON! MASSIVE SIX to the deep-midwicket region. 11 runs from this over. KXIP 138/4 (Gayle 77, Mandeep 8)


16th over: Navdeep Saini is back into the attack. Meanwhile, a job well done for Yuzvendra Chahal, he finishes with excellent figures of 4-0-33-2. TOP stuff from Saini, an over that goes for just 5 runs is gold at this stage. KXIP 127/4 (Gayle 68, Mandeep 6)



15th over: Chahal’s back into the attack, Mandeep Sigh is the new batsman in. 8 runs from Chahal’s final over, which included a boundary by Gayle. KXIP 122/4 (Gayle 66, Mandeep 3)


14th over: WICKET! Moeen to continue, Sam Curran has joined Gayle in the middle. Moeen strikes, traps Curran plumb leg-before. The young Englishman walks back for just 1. 4 runs and the wicket from this over. KXIP 114/4 (Gayle 60, Mandeep Singh 1)


Strategic timeout!


13th over: WICKET! BOWLING CHANGE: Mohammad Siraj’s back into the attack, and it’s not Gayle, but Sarfaraz, who breaks the shackles this time with a SIX, over the head scoop it was, but immediately after that, he edges it behind, Siraj has the last laugh, Sarfaraz departs for 15. 8 from the over. KXIP 110/3 (Gayle 58)

12th over: Moeen Ali will continue, and another brilliant over, just 3 from it. KXIP 102/2 (Gayle 57, Sarfaraz 8)

11th over: Chahal to continue, can he strike in his third over as well? So, he does not strike this time, 9 from this over. KXIP 99/2 (Gayle 56, Sarfaraz 6)



10th over: Moeen to continue, and he concedes just 4 from this over. KXIP 90/2 (Gayle 53, Sarfaraz 1)


9th over: FIFTY! Chris Gayle has reached his half-century in just 28 deliveries, he looks set to SCORE BIG, but Chahal strikes in his next over as well, this time with the wicket of Mayank Agarwal, who’s cleaned up for just 15. Sarfaraz Khan is the new batsman. 9 runs and the wicket in this over. KXIP 86/2 (Gayle 51, Sarfaraz Khan 0)



8th over: BOWLING CHANGE: Moeen Ali comes into the attack, and Agarwal gets into the act with a cheeky boundary towards the fine-leg region. Moeen concedes 8 runs in his first over. KXIP 77/1 (Gayle 49, Agarwal 8)

7th over: WICKET! SPIN INTRODUCED! Yuzvendra Chahal introduced into the attack and strikes immediately with the wicket of KL Rahul, who gets stumped after smashing a SIX in the previous delivery. Rahul departs for 18. Mayank Agarwal joins Gayle in the middle. 9 runs from this over. KXIP 69/1 (Gayle 48, Mayank Agarwal 1)

Nothing seems to be going right for RCB, guess you’ve heard that before! A straightforward LBW call wasn’t given by the umpire and Kohli didn’t even review the decision. AB de Villiers then dropped a tough chance that gave Rahul a reprieve. Looks like another huge score coming up.

6th over: Mohammad Siraj comes into the attack and Chris Gayle welcomes him with a boundary. 4, 6, 4, 0, 6, 4… GAYLE STORM’S COMING! 24 runs off this over. KXIP 60/0 (Gayle 48, Rahul 12)


5th over: Umesh continues and Gayle has whacked him for back-to-back boundaries. 10 from this over. KXIP 36/0 (Gayle 24, Rahul 12)


4th over: Saini will continue, and Rahul just missed getting dismissed, but it fell just short of Moeen Ali at mid-off. Gayle at the other end has not stopped firing, smashing a boundary on the last ball of this over to straight down the ground. 5 runs from this over. KXIP 26/0 (Gayle 23, Rahul 3)


3rd over: BOOM! Chris Gayle has exploded, smashing a boundary first and then follows it up with a massive SIX over the long-on fence. He looks to be in the mood here. 14 runs from this Umesh Yadav over. KXIP 21/0 (Gayle 19, Rahul 2)


2nd over: Navdeep Saini will share the new ball with Umesh Yadav, and the Universal Boss has struck the first boundary of the match, off the thick inside edge, past square leg and it runs away to the ropes in a jiffy. 7 from this over. KXIP 7/0 (Gayle 6, Rahul 1)


1st over: KL Rahul and Chris Gayle will open the innings for KXIP. Umesh Yadav has the new ball, and Umesh bowls a splendid opening over, just 2 from it. KXIP 2/0 (KL Rahul 1, Chris Gayle 1)



7.56 pm: Meanwhile, here’s what we found on Twitter and we would like you to have a look 🙂


7.54 pm: Captains have their say at the toss:

Ravichandran Ashwin: “That’s how the IPL is (you win some, lose some). You will have to string wins together. We can get the momentum by winning games consistently. We have played some good cricket over the seven games. We have been very consistent; chased down totals and defended totals. We have played some close games as well. We have a couple of forced changes – Hardus Viljeon is down with flu, Andrew Tye comes in. Mayank Agarwal comes back in and Murugan Ashwin comes in for Ankit Rajpoot.”


Virat Kohli:We are gonna bowl. There is a lot of dew later on and we are a team that likes chasing. We back our batting to do the job in the second half. I have lost 5 out 6 tosses, so wanted to bowl first in few other games also. We have no option but to come out and fight every game. Every season or tournament does not go your way. Our position in the table is a reflection on how we have played so far. We don’t want to be a team who plays with fear, we want to come out and play fearless cricket. There are 8 games and we need to enjoy ourselves on the field. We are playing with three foreigners, Umesh Yadav replaces Tim Southee. I put a lot of pride in my performances, but you cannot be the guy all the time. We expect everyone to step up in every game. My intensity doesn’t drop through the 12 months.”

7.40 pm: Here are the playing XIs:

RCB XI: Parthiv Patel (w), Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers, Marcus Stoinis, Moeen Ali, Akshdeep Nath, Pawan Negi, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Navdeep Saini, Mohammed Siraj


KXIP XI: KL Rahul, Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Sarfaraz Khan, Nicholas Pooran (w), Mandeep Singh, Sam Curran, Ravichandran Ashwin (c), Andrew Tye, Mohammed Shami, Murugan Ashwin

7.30 pm: TOSS: Virat Kohli has won the toss and RCB elect to bowl


7.13 pm: Both teams have observed a minute’s silence in memory of the victims of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, which happened on April 13, 1919.



6.43 pm: Another defeat for RCB and it’s end of the road for Virat Kohli in this IPL. On the other hand, can KXIP make it four out of four wins at Mohali? Stay tuned for all the live updates as we build up to the second match of Super Staturday.

With six consecutive defeats, the Royal Challengers Bangalore have equalled the erstwhile Delhi Daredevils (currently Delhi Capitals) for the worst start by a team in Indian Premier League s 12-year history. The Daredevils, in 2013, like RCB, had lost their first six games on the trot and not surprisingly, finished with the wooden spoon. Only one team has managed to pull of a similar reversal of fortunes, when in 2014, the then-defending Mumbai Indians staged a stunning comeback having lose their first five games to make it to the Playoffs.


RCB are a game behind, and a seventh straight defeat, will not only make it the worst start ever by a team, it would also end RCB s hopes of making it to the final four. As much as failing as a team might be held accountable for their loss, it is the individuals that have let RCB down the most. According to a mind-blowing stat, RCB have dropped 14 catches and bowled six no balls, the most by any franchise.


They have scored over 200 and yet failed to defend the total. The team is too dependent on AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli, and when either batsman fails to score, the rest of the batting crumbles. On top of it, they simply lack good bowlers Tim Southee has been way too expensive for his experience, and domestic pacers Mohammed Siraj and Navdeep Saini have leaked runs even if they ve generated pace. (ALSO READ: ‘No way that IPL will affect Virat Kohli in the World Cup’)

Up against a struggling RCB, the King XI Punjab here has a chance to not only eliminate RCB but also return to winning ways. The last-ball defeat to Mumbai Indians the other night must have left them stung. Will they extinguish RCB s final ray of hope? We have all the reasons to believe so. (FULL PREVIEW: CLICK HERE)