Johnson Charles: I have no doubt that we can win the World Cup

West Indies won their last match of Pool B against United Arab Emirates (UAE) to be almost book their place in the quarter-final. Opener Johnson Charles scored a brilliant 60 runs to help the team to win the match. He spoke to the media after the convincing victory. (ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Full Coverage)

Q: Jason, playing New Zealand, what do you make of them? Where might they be vulnerable? How much are you looking forward to that game?

Jason Holder (JH): We’re obviously looking forward to it. It’s a quarter-final game and cricket is played on the day. Obviously New Zealand has been playing decent cricket. They haven’t lost a game, so hopefully in the quarter-final we’ll beat them.

Q: But you must have some look at them. Do you think there are areas you can exploit?
 Well, as I said, cricket is played on the day. Once we take the field, the plan will be to take wickets with the new ball as we’ve been doing in this tournament, then I think we can put some pressure on them. I think the key wicket is McCullum, and if you get into the middle order quickly, it will be better off for us.

Q: Jason, how important will it be to put Chris Gayle back into the equation for the quarter-final? Is he looking like he will be?
 Well, I mean, Chris had the same back problem as you know over the last year, and sometimes he has good days and sometimes he has bad days. Obviously, he’s a key player for us, and his fitness is key going into the quarter-final. I’m sure he’ll be up for it even if he’s not a hundred percent. It’s an important game and he’s a big player, you know what big players can do on big days.

Q: Jason, obviously, toss is something a matter. But it must have really pleased you that everything went according to plan for you, didn’t it? And toss must have been an important factor given the conditions today?
 Yeah, it was important for us. I always wanted to bowl first and try to bowl out UAE and get the runs as quickly as possible, and it just fell into place today. With the toss, there is not much I can do in terms of controlling it.

Q: You bowled ten overs, and it must have been pretty tiring, but you seemed to be going for the five wicket haul there. Just talk us through that, and how did it feel just to have come so close?
 Well, it’s my third four wicket haul in international cricket, and I haven’t really been able to break the barrier. But, yeah, I did it for the team it was important. After getting the three early wickets, I think I got my fourth around the 6th over or 7th over. At that stage I just decided to bowl through and try to set UAE back. Unfortunately I just didn’t get the five wickets or go beyond it. But it’s just good to see the guys pick up the slack coming into the middle and the end.
Q: A question in regards to Darren Sammy. Did you guys have a little bit of a tumble in the middle?
 We just had a little bunt on the field. We just wanted to have some fun, and unfortunately it didn’t look the way it seemed, but we were all good. We’re very good mitts, and we just had a little tussle there. It’s just part of the game. You know, it’s a crucial game, but at the end of the day, we still smile together.

Q: Jason, the 7th wicket partnership must have been a bit frustrating for you guys having had them 46 for 6. Can you just talk about how frustrating it was to have them bat like the two bowlers, actually? And also what did you make of the batting with the 7th wicket partnership?
 Obviously the two guys there put on a good partnership for UAE. But after getting the first six wickets pretty easily, we were pretty much expecting the partnership along the line, so it came out as a partnership. That’s just cricket. We weren’t able to break it, and the guys put up over a hundred. But I can’t fault the effort of the bowlers. I thought they did really well, and the batsmen came in and finished off the job.

Q: Jason, talking about that, it must be difficult to maintain serious intensity with 50 overs when you have them down in 16 overs, even if you took a step back and even if it was unintentional? What do you do to maintain intensity throughout an entire day’s play?
 I wouldn’t say we took a step back. We were always pressing to get them out. But as I said, it’s just about trying to break the partnership. Unfortunately we took a little longer today to break that partnership. I think during those phases you just have to keep energy up. Try not to be trying too hard in the sense to get wickets, but go through the process of building pressure. I think once we build pressure today, I thought Marlon Samuels spell was absolutely brilliant, because he came in and made it easier for the other guys coming on with Russell with Kemar. Russell came back and got the two wickets for us. But it’s all about building pressure, I think. In those stages where you’re not getting wickets, you have to keep it down and just try to build pressure.

Q: You don’t often see teams high-fiving and celebrating after bowling to the opposition. You guys were sort of slapping each other on the back after bowling out the UAE crowd. It seems like your offerings as the weather goes how much of the weather was still in the back of your mind while you were playing?
 First of all, it’s something we always do regardless how we perform on the field. Coming off the field we always offer that support to each bowler. It’s something that is tradition on our team just to give the fellow bowlers some good sentiments. Turning to the weather, it wasn’t too much on my mind. Obviously, it’s beyond my control. We were checking the forecast, and the forecast said pretty much the majority of anything it would have gone on later on this evening, so it was just important that we focus on what we have to do and what we could control, and that was just playing cricket. Again, credit to the guys for the way they played.

Q: Just a question regarding Johnson. The performance today and the quality of it, does that credit to play him in the quarter-final with Chris out? Can you fit them both in the squad? Would you leave someone out? How would you do it?
 I can’t speak. You know, we still have to get to where we are going tonight and it looks like Wellington. So obviously the conditions there. I know we’re the best team. Obviously, Johnson played a very good day. And I wouldn’t say that he’s pretty much secured a spot for the next game. But we’ll sit down, discuss and see what conditions we’re up against and make a decision.

 Courtesy: ICC