MS Dhoni: Do it in his own way!

If 50-overs cricket gave birth to new shots, then the advent of T20 cricket has revolutionized cricket as far as innovations of strokes is concerned. And in this scenario, the man who stands in a league of his own with breathtakingly bizarre shots that defy description, then it has to be Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He can play the most outrageous shots with conviction and consistency. And pull it off with ridiculous ease as well. These are shots that cannot even be conceived in the mind by most batsmen, leave alone execute it.

Dhoni did not last long to make a big score on Day Three of the Melbourne Test against Australia on Sunday, but during his brief tenure he played a shot which looked a sweep with the Brand Dhoni written all over it.

@brahahamin, whose Twitter profile introduces himself as “Professional people pisser and CSK Blogger who uses helmet as a weapon, has tweeted the morphed of Dhoni of the same shot discussed in the earlier para, but with a difference. He has cut out Dhoni playing the shot and placed alongside hurdlers with the words, “because playing cricket while playing cricket is too mainstream”!

Dhoni could justifiably borrow the immortal lines of Rajnikant from the Tamil film ‘Padayappa’ and say, “En vazhi , thani vazhi.” (My way is an exclusive way).