N Srinivasan eyeing the position of Chief Justice of India, if not then President

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

N Srinivasan has been diagnosed with a special condition where the person’s sole purpose of leading the life is actually ‘leading’ and ‘winning titles’.

Be it India Cements or Chennai Super Kings (CSK) or Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) or International Cricket Council (ICC), he is obsessed with chairing things and winning elections. The last few days have been tough for him and after the Supreme Court’s (SC) ruling on Thursday, it is believed that Srinivasan has gone into a depression and has been heard saying bizarre thing like he wants to contest the election for the Chief Justice of India (CJI)!

Our source, who is close to Srinivasan, overheard the ICC Chairman fuming, “I want to contest for CJI election and win it. As the Chief Justice of India, I will appoint myself in the panel and rule things in Gurunath’s [Meiyappan] and CSK’s favour.”

When his judicial team informed him that the CJI is usually appointed by the President of India, and the retirement age is 65 [Srinivasan is 70], he was gutted. It is believed that he even contemplated the possibility of contesting for the post of Indian President and even getting the laws of the land changed so that he could get what he desired.

According to our sources, President Pranab Mukherjee has asked Jagmohan Dalmiya to calm Srinivasan down, as his raging ambitions can spoil India- United States relations.

President Mukherjee’s concerns stems from the fact that even US President Barack Obama is increasingly concerned over Srinivasan’s rising ambitions and has threatened to cancel his India visit on Sunday, if the ICC Chairman appears in his close proximity.

Obama, who was expecting the major chunk of the Indian news bulletins to be on him is upset that the limelight has been stolen by the Chennai-based business tycoon. What adds to his concern is that he fears that Srinivasan may even desire to contest for the next Presidential elections in US. Obama’s last day as President will be January 20, 2017, and he desires things to be hassle-free till then.

While Srinivasan, as usual, refused to speak on the issue, Criclife broke this story to Indian skipper MS Dhoni, who is also the captain of IPL team CSK. Dhoni, in his customary cool demeanour, curtly replied, “Obviously I don’t know anything about the incident. You know, I don’t read newspapers, so I don’t have any information on what happened on the court or anywhere else.”

All we hope is for Srinivasan to get well soon and Indian cricket to be in some good hands again.

(Suvajit Mustafi consumes cricket for lunch, fiction for dinner and munches numerous other snacks throughout the day. Yes, a jack of several trades, all Suvajit dreamt of was being India’s World Cup winning skipper but ended up being a sports writer, author, screenwriter, director, copywriter, graphic designer, sports marketer, strategist, entrepreneur,  philosopher and traveller. Donning so many hats, it’s cricket which gives him the ultimate high and where he finds solace. He can be followed at @RibsGully and rivu7)