Does Rameez Raja have a dirty mind? It s a question that has popped many minds who have heard him commentate during cricket matches. It s a subject of troll in the world of internet as well. Suvajit Mustafi looks at nine embarrassing moments in Raja s long career as a commentator.

1: Yeh andarki baat hai!

Misbah rameez

Even we can t fathom why Raja, or for that matter anyone, would ever want to know about Misbah s interior!

2: Was that an innuendo?

Soft Ball

What was that?!!! Did you mean this?

3: What package?!

Virat Package

Another inside information?!

4: Cricket s Vatsayana at it again!

below 115

Haan,bhai! We all want to know the same.

5: More explicit stuff from Vatsayana !


Raja proves why he is a perfect choice to the brand ambassador for a condom brand!

6: Gupt(ill) gyan!!!

Guptill gtyan

Rameez truly has an impeccable sixth sense of merging two senses sight and touch!

7: The cup and the slip!

Cup and Slip

8: Dostana beyond limits?


Now that sound s really R-rated!

9: ‘Inside’ talks, again?


Obsession with interiors, again?

10. Tendulkar would have surely reacted that way

sachin---Rameez (1)

11. Did he mean ??



Knowing Praveen Kumar, he must have really enjoyed the complement and would have wanted more.

12. Talent?




Oozing with talent? Good Umar s English vocabulary is very limited.

13. Now Rameez takes on Nehraji



14. Now he takes on youngsters


And they do come and discuss all possible quotes by Rameez to have a laugh riot

Here are some other gems from the former Pakistani skipper:

15. If we have a Super Over then super things can happen

Oh wow! What an insight as a commentator. Don t we watch the sport for such comments?

16. After Sreesanth-Harbhajan slapgate: He’s slapped one through the offside. Off late I shouldn t be saying that, slap has become controversial. He’s hit it hard through the offside.

Did Rameez think it to be funny? Well if he did, he was right. In hindsight, it certainly is

17. Best part of this slogging is that it is not slogging

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