Ravi Shastri (Left) will mentor the Virat Kohli-owned UAE Royals of which Roger Federer (Right) is a part © Getty Images
Ravi Shastri (Left) will mentor the Virat Kohli-owned UAE Royals of which Roger Federer is a part © Getty Images

Roger Federer’s already strong-connection with Indian cricketers is set to receive a fillip as he gears for the coming season of the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL). His team has a new co-owner in the form of India Test skipper Virat Kohli. Hot on the heels of the news that Kohli became co-owner of the UAE Royals came the news that Ravi Shastri was set to become mentor of the same side. Previously, Federer has been a good friend of Sachin Tendulkar.

Shastri has been appointed mentor of Kohli-co-owned International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) team UAE Royals. It doesn’t leave much to imagination about what “Mr Tracer Bullet” will tell Fedex. Ravi Shastri’s booming voice is a familiarity in cricket-watching households, and most often than not it is easy to predict exactly what Shastri says. It is not likely that Shastri will adopt a different set of catch-phrases in his bid to mentor Federer. Here are some hypothetical situations Federer will find himself in during the stint and the corresponding words of advice that Shastri will offer.

When the match is about to start: “Wimbledon! Are you ready? I have with me both players, the umpire, and the match referee all in readiness.” READ: Ravi Shastri to mentor Roger Federer, joins Virat Kohli in UAE Royals team

When Federer wins the toss: You couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

When Federer is faced with a tough opponent: “It’s going to be a real pressure-cooker situation in the middle.”

When Federer is involved in a long rally: “I just get the feeling something’s going to give here.” ALSO READ: Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer are ideal role-models with their magnificent

When complimenting Federer for a high-speed serve: “You flashed and flashed hard. You had the opponent on his toes with that one.”

When the match goes into the fifth set: “This one is turning out to be a cliff-hanger!”

When Federer wins in straight sets: “Thinking of two, and getting it comfortably.”

When both Federer and his opponent is evenly matched: “You will have to throw the kitchen sink at it, or the match will go down to the wire.”

When Federer’s opponent wins every alternate game: “He’s pulling the odd one back.”

When Shastri forgets he is at a Tennis match: “All three results are possible!”

At the end of a thrilling match: “In the end, Tennis was the winner.”

When Federer loses the first set: “You need to get your eye in.”

When Roger Federer comes out on top in a tense situation: “The match went down to the wire but you were the cool customer and did exactly what the doctor ordered.”

And of course…

When Federer hits a smash to win a set: “That went like a tracer bullet!”

(Rishad D’Souza, a reporter with CricketCountry, gave up hopes of playing Test cricket after a poor gully-cricket career. He now reports on the sport. You can follow @RDcric on Twitter)