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Ravindra Jadeja missed out on his maiden Test ton by 10 runs © IANS

Ravindra Jadeja appears to be a quiet man from a distance; he generally does not blabber much in English as his teammates do. He would speak in other local languages, and his teammates will later reveal tales of Jadeja’s innocence and naivety. On a TV show, his Test captain Virat Kohli will tell us all about that fable which Jadeja still believes in, that two buildings in Jamnagar in Gujarat are inching close to each other every year; and when they will collide, the world will end. Jadeja’s world is a peculiar one, carrying stark difference from some of his teammates from bigger cities, affluent to a more public life.  Live Cricket Scorecard: India vs England 3rd Test at Mohali

Off the field, Jadeja loves spend time with his horses, putting on a turban on his head and living life on the lines of a Rajput. His love for his ethnicity is so deep that when he was en route his finest Test innings till date, the cameras focussed on the boots he was wearing, which had the words ‘Rajput’ embroidered on them. Well, this is what Jadeja is, away from the field. We know of Jadeja the cricketer far better than Jadeja the man.

Why, out of nowhere, are we discussing Jadeja’s life and what he does away from the cricket field?

Because it is important to know about a cricketer who swings the bat like a Rajput warrior moving his sword. Who does that?

Because it is also important to understand what sort of a personality he is, for the mere sake of knowing a cricketer adequately who wins matches for India.

Our general interest will always be in deciphering the reason why a cricketer who has not one but three triple centuries in First-Class cricket has had an ordinary batting career in international circuit as of yet.  ALSO READ: Jayant Yadav’s all-round services add value to India’s Test supremacy

Is he a bowling all-rounder? “It’s not that I consider myself as a batsman, I am a batsman,” he asserts. That’s Jadeja.

Well, any effort to find out the exact reason will be daft. If we go and ask Jadeja himself, he will not be able to give any suitable justification.

For that matter, Jadeja is not alone to go through this. England’s batting coach on this India tour, Mark Ramprakash was a domestic giant. He scored 35,569 First-Class runs in 461 matches, hammered a whopping 114 centuries and 147 fifties, and still averaged over 53.

But in 52 Tests, all that Ramprakash could muster were mere 2,350 runs at a lowly 27.32, two centuries and 12 fifties. That is it.

We are transgressing. It is not about proving that a player who is a giant in domestic scene can be a lame figure on international cricket. It is about Jadeja, the 27-year-old all-rounder who played key roles in India’s series wins over Australia, South Africa and now, England.

Yes, Jadeja’s rise as a batsman in the recent times has not been noticed enough. Before the start of this ‘India Cricket’ season he had only one half-century in close to four years. Today, he has two in two series. This innings of 90 should put him up on the map for the media whenever they start analysing Indian batting. Not because Jadeja scored some runs, but it is about how he did it.

Till this game, Jadeja was perhaps that happy-go-lucky batsman who would not give a second thought about what kind of stroke he played to get out. He is a valuable cricketer for India home and away, and his tally of wickets will always overshadow lack of runs. ALSO READ: The joy of watching Ravichandran Ashwin bat

He is no Glenn McGrath, who will remain upset on playing a lose stroke even though he was not expected to contribute with the bat.

But Jadeja dished out his longest Test innings, registered his highest Test score. Agree, he squandered the chance to get the maiden Test hundred but Jadeja will not repent how he got out. “I tried doing something. England were boring me with their bowling,” he said at the end of the day, not even trying to justify his hara-kiri to get out for 90.

Jadeja batted with patience for the first time. Jadeja put a heavy price on his wicket, again perhaps for the first time in Test cricket. Jadeja batted for the team’s cause — he has been in such situations many a times — but today he delivered. He defended, he looked for singles, doubles, those gaps, and kept him entertained with a few aggressive strokes whenever he felt bored.

England did not dismiss Jadeja at Mohali; his boredom did.

Going ahead, Jadeja will be expected to do more. He will be expected to be one of those batting students who perennially remain hungry to learn the art of making runs in cricket. Jadeja will be expected to be consistent, be as magical as he was in this innings.

It is anyone’s guess where Jadeja’s batting will head to after this innings.

But showing richest of qualities in just one knock wherein a freewheeling young man stood tall to deliver a near-win to his team, Jadeja will be expected to carry on with his shift in approach towards Test cricket.

(Devarchit Varma is a senior writer with CricketCountry. He can be followed on Twitter @Devarchit)