Rohit Sharma now has hit most sixes (65) against Australia across format    AFP
Rohit Sharma now has hit most sixes (65) against Australia across format AFP

Sachin Tendulkar grew popular for his merciless treatment to the Australians. Not many charged down the track and thwacked Glenn McGrath over his head like Tendulkar did. Every time a cricketer tried to do so, the Australians choked him with fear. However, Tendulkar was not one to give in. For once, the soft-spoken gentleman even sledged McGrath which caught the latter by surprise.

When his comrades had fallen one after the other, Tendulkar smiling in the face of danger scored an astounding hundred at Perth. The headlines gradually became a trend: Tendulkar feeds on the kangaroos.

Rohit Sharma follows Tendulkar s suit these days.

He gets into his elements when the opposition dons a yellow jersey. And, if truth be told, greater men thrive when they are against the mightiest.

Rohit always had the talent, but he often failed to apply his skills to the best. However, he goes bonkers and berserk and whatnot when he squares off with the Kangaroos.

The Hitman now has scored the second most number of runs (1,403) against Australia by an Indian, behind Tendulkar (3,077) and ahead of MS Dhoni (1,342).

At 20, Rohit had scored a resolute 66 in the second final of CB Series 2007, with Tendulkar at the other end. He unleashed his magic potion of batting, displaying lazy elegance at such young age against the then World Champions. Ever since, he has been toying with the Australians in their own den.

Rohit Sharma vs Australia
Matches Runs HS Ave 100s
Home 10 598 209 74.7 2
Away 16 805 171* 57.5 3

His career average reads 43.2. If one takes out his run-fest against Australia, it would drop down way below than what his skills suggest.

Rohit has in all 3 hundreds in Australia (in non-ICC series), including that magnificent 171* at Perth. However, that 209 at Bengaluru eclipses every stupefying innings of Rohit.

On Sunday, Rohit collected most sixes (65) by a cricketer against the Australians, going past Brendon McCullum s tally of sixes. One of the sixes was so high that you wondered if it ever came down. You did not want to take your eyes. It was that kind of an innings.

Rohit may have taken his time to translate talent into performance, but the talismanic Mumbaikar knows how to feast on the kangaroos.