'Sachin Tendulkar's biggest passion after cricket are cars'

Armaan Ebrahim (left) with Sachin Tendulkar. Photo courtesy: OnCars

By Armaan Ebrahim
Words cannot do justice about Sachin Tendulkar’s greatness. His passion and dedication for cricket is truly astounding — a huge inspiration for every sportsperson. It boggles the mind to think what he would have gone through in these 24 long years to achieve the incredible heights he has scaled. And to think that he started his international career at the young age of 16!

What was most striking about him when we shot our ad for the BMW 1 Series in Germany was his humility. He was very relaxed and helpful. He is generally quiet, but can crack some good jokes as well.

Everyone keeps saying that he knows a lot about cars. I can vouch for that. During our shoot we just spoke about cars and automobiles and it took no time for me to understand that he really loves cars. He has in depth details on almost all the cars — inside out.

It’s not mere knowledge about cars; he loves driving as well. It must not be easy for him in Mumbai or in India to just drive around. I can also go on to say that cars and automobiles are his second biggest passion after cricket. He knows what he wants in a car.

Sachin is also passionate about tennis. He is well-versed with what happens in the world of tennis as well.

Sachin’s popularity extends beyond the world of cricket. People in other sports fields know who he is and what standing he has in cricket and more so in India. Anyone with a half-good general knowledge about sports would know Sachin Tendulkar.

Talking about his retirement, all I can say is that Indian cricket will be different after the Sachin era. To not have him walk out to bat or even just be on the field will take some time getting used to. Most of our generation has associated ourselves with Sachin when we talk about cricket. It will definitely not be the same.

He has given so much for Indian cricket and world cricket that he deserves a great send-off. I would love to be there for his 200th Test match in Mumbai, but unfortunately I will not be able to. So, I will be glued to the television set and watching him play for one last time. I really hope he does well and finishes on a high. He will truly be missed.

— As told to Shrikant Shankar

(Armaan Ebrahim is an Indian car racer who has participated in various racing competitions around the world. He raced for Team India in the A1 Grand Prix competition in the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons. He came second in the standings for the 2007 Formula Renault V6 Asia Championship)
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