Shane Warne’s nine sensational sexcapades

“Cultivating whatever gave pleasure to my senses was always the chief business of my life; I never found any occupation more important. Feeling that I was born for the sex opposite of mine, I have always loved it and done all that I could to make myself loved by it.”

Those were the words of Giacomo Casanova, born 1725, is an Italian adventurer from the Republic of Venice. The word Casanova has subsequently become a synonym for a womaniser.

In the hoary history of cricket, Shane Warne s philandering lifestyle has made him the undisputed Casanova. Even the collapse of his marriage has failed to curb his reckless misadventures. Tuesday was no different when raunchy details about his wild sex romp with a single mom came forth.

Tulika Bhattacharya chronicles a list of staggering sexcapades:

1. 2000: Loutish phone calls and voice messages

The front page story in London   s    The Mirror    detailing Shane Warne   s obscene phone calls to Donna Wright.
The front page story in London s The Mirror detailing Shane Warne s obscene phone calls to Donna Wright.

Warne was caught harassing married British nurse Donna Wright with lewd phone calls and voice messages during his stint as the Australian vice-captain. Warne, then married to Simone Warne, was stripped off his vice-captaincy as a result of the news spreading like a wildfire across the world.

2. 2003: Painting the Rainbow Nation red!

Helen Cohen Alon
Helen Cohen Alon

Banned from cricket for a year after failing a drug test, accusations were levied on the spin masterby South African mother-of-three Helen Cohen Alon of bombarding her with vulgar text messages.

Helen Cohen Alon was later convicted of extortion and sentenced to 18 months in prison, or a R20,000 ($A4355) fine, for extorting R50,000 from Warne associate Gavin Varajes who, she said, had offered her money to keep quiet about the sexually explicit messages. A weeping Helen claimed she was being framed by Warne’s associates.

Gavin admitted to paying R100,000 to silence Helen.

3. 2003: Stripped of pride



Just months later, fresh sexual allegations were made public by a Melbourne stripper Angela Gallagher, who claimed of having a torrid three-month affair with the cricketer. Gallagher, who passed a lie detector test, had revealed that she succumbed to Warne s repeated approaches which soon became a full sexual relationship. Angela was quoted to be saying, “It wasn’t just text messaging; it was sex”.

The 38-year-old mother-of-two, who was separated from her husband, said she met Warne at a South Melbourne nightspot on May 11 and was bombarded with lurid SMSes from him after their sexual relationship ended. Gallagher said she made her story public in women’s magazine New Idea and on Channel Seven’s Today Tonight because she was angry at the public backlash of South African Helen Cohen Alon.

4. 2005: Slew of affairs


All hell broke loose in Shane and Simone Warne s marriage when English student Laura Sayers, TV assistant Michelle Masters and mother of three Kerrie Colliemore spoke publicly of their flings with the brazen Aussie.

Warne allegedly had sex with Kerrie Colliemore, 31, on the bonnet of his BMW. A close friend of Kerrie’s said: “He couldn’t keep his hands off her. He wanted sex everywhere outside, inside, wherever he could.” The friend also found 48 messages from Warne on Kerrie’s phone which the sales manageress had left lying around. One of the messages read: “Can’t wait to f**k u again”. Nearly an hour later he was texting: “How good was our sex f*****g very hot…How good did it feel?”

Warne reportedly also exchanged dozens of texts with Michelle Masters, who worked near Warne’s Southampton home and been a frequent companion of the Hampshire star.

Then, student Laura Sayers, 25, claimed the cricketer stripped naked in front of her and begged her to have sex in a London hotel.

5. 2006: Three s a company? Not to Warnie!


Single again, Warne surely made sexting his thing as he texted his way to a wild threesome with two British models in England, just weeks before starting his stint as the captain of Hampshire team. The whole session was captured on video and later pictures of the same surfaced in media with British tabloid News of the World publishing those images allegedly showing the cricketer in a variety of poses with the models. One of the models, Coralie Eichholz had reportedly said, Shane blew our minds. He was so fit. I’d give him top marks for more than satisfying us. He was talking dirty all the time. It was full-on, hardcore and we had a great time. In the trouser department, he was above average.” While the other model Emma Kearney involved said, “Shane’s a stallion and very willing to experiment. He loved playing around with the inflatable and was up for anything.

6. 2007: Oops! Wrong number!

Shane Warne s ex-wife Simone with Toby Roberts, the new man in her life. Photo: Woman s Day.

After attempts of getting back with his then wife,Simone came through after he vowed to change himself in 2006. But Simone caught the philandering leg-spinner red-handed when she received a text message from him meant for his lover, which read: “Hey beautiful, I’m just talking to my kids, the back door’s open.” That was the last nail to the coffin as Simone soon filed for a divorce that year. Simone has since dumped Warne and moved on in life.

7. 2011: Porn star over Liz Hurley


Warne started dating English model and actress Elizabeth Liz Hurley when she was still married, but allegedly separated from Indian textile heir Arun Nayar in 2010. Their whirlwind romance was THE talk of the town with their PDA (public display of affection) onslaught. They got engaged soon after Liz was granted divorce in 2011. But Warne has to be Warne; reports of him cheating on the English beauty with London porn star Chloe Conrad surfaced. They split for a short while and then got back together. Their on-and-off relationship of three years came to an end in 2013 when claims of Warne having a fling with of the head of underwear giant Ultimo, Michelle Mone were reported.

8. 2014: Romancing a bra queen


The Sun newspaper reported that Warne spent four hours romancing Ultimo bra tycoon Michelle Mone in her suite at The Dorchester Hotel just hours after spending Valentine s Day with his former fiancee.

9. 2015: Romping with a mother of two


Controversy s favourite child, Warne was back in the headlines on January 20 when details of his wild one night stand with 43-year-old Kim McGrath, a single mum from Adelaide were made public after she revealed information in a tell-all interview Women s Day magazine. As reported by, McGrath said, He s very strong in the bedroom. He was definitely in charge. He asked me to keep them [her high heels] on while he spanked me. Well, poor Warnie wouldn t have expected this start to his year.

(Tulika Bhattacharya is a budding cricket journalist, presently interning at CricLife. She can be followed on Twitter at