Tanmay's video created quite a stir among fans on social media Photo courtesy: YouTube screenshots and Tanmay Bhat’s Twitter profile
Tanmay’s video created quite a stir among fans on social media Photo courtesy: YouTube screenshots and Tanmay Bhat’s Twitter profile

There is a fine line between humor and disrespect. But I imagine you would have heard this a thousand times over the last couple of days. How do you sleep, Tanmay Bhatt? You are like the Robert Baratheon of Game of Thrones who was revolutionary at first removing the Mad King Aerys Targaryen and killing Prince Rhaegar, but made a fool out of himself afterwards and died a painful, disgraceful death. What were you thinking when you made this disgrace of a video? You simultaneously insulted two of India’s Bharat Ratnas, Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. Every action has a reaction, and you must have realized by now that yours backfired. ALSO READ: Tanmay Bhat and All India Bakchod can stay away from cricket

Sachin Tendulkar is just not a cricket legend but an idol for the country. Virat Kohli, the batsmen you claim to be better than Tendulkar, considers him a hero. Tendulkar is the reason Kohli took up cricket, and a large part of Kohli’s success is attributed to Tendulkar’s guidance. Video: Tanmay Bhat’s controversial take on Tendulkar & Mangeshkar

Who are you, exactly? Sure, you are a much-loved next-generation comedian who captured the imagination of Indians young and old with your time at AIB. But deep down all you are is another YouTuber who made a few videos about how bad the system of our country is. That’s pretty much it.

Now look at Tendulkar’s record: 100 centuries and 34,357 international runs. Now let’s talk about Lata Mangeshkar. She has sung over 50,000 songs in her entire career. She is almost 87 years of age. The entire singing world idolises her and you have nothing but a stupid snapchat video to mock her. Your video shows Lataji showing the middle finger to Sachin. Is this humour? I understand that below-the-belt humour is kind of your thing, but this was not just below the belt, this was ball-grabbing molestation. I would ask if you have some etiquette, but you probably ate that too (fat jokes are not funny, are they?). ALSO READ: Vinod Kambli to file defamation case against Tanmay Bhat

On a side note, I liked your work before this horrible incident. You recently spoke out about the misconceptions people have about feminism. You used your particular brand of humour to mock those who are oblivious to a real issue. From that to this, your standards seem to have collapsed.

Anyway, congratulations! You got the publicity you wanted. Never mind that it came at the cost of insulting two of India’s most highly respected citizens. I would have thought that someone like you was different from attention-mongers like Poonam Pandey, Qandeel Baloch or Kamal Rashid Khan. Sadly, you’re all just hungry for eyeballs, and that is a big disappointment.

(Arun Rawal, a reporter with CricketCountry, is a daydreamer, movie buff, and cricket fanatic. He could not play cricket, so did the next best thing, writing for it. He loves to play the flick shot over square leg, and believes Sachin Tendulkar is God. His twitter handle is @ArunRawal93)