Tarot: Raina, Morkel & Bollinger look CSK's dangermen against DC

Chennai Super Kings batsman Suresh Raina will be a live wire ” energetic, free spirited and will play his natural game © AFP

Tarot reader Shruti Chopra looks into her cards to give CricketCountry.com readers insights into what lies ahead in the IPL matches. Starting today, she will write at length about each IPL match, the rival captains, key players on both sides and the likely trend of the match.



Deccan Chargers


The Chargers are confident and raring to go, but there maybe glimpses of some mental weakness at the beginning of their game. It’s just a bit of nervousness and as the game progresses they will grow in strength and would have the potential to be in control as the Magician does. The Magician represents a team with all the ingredients, but it will depend on how well they bring it all together. They shouldn’t get nervous. Instead if they fight their nerves with some confident energy then they can give the Chennai Super Kings a run for their money.


The stand-in captain, Cameron White seems to be a weak link in the team. He carries such hidden potential as suggested by the High Priestess, and although he will try hard to direct his fiery energy into his captaincy, he may not be as successful as he would like to be. Luckily, he has some strong players in the team that will understand and support him.

Key players


Dale Steyn will show glimpses of being highly temperamental, which he will try and fight by staying focused, but it’s looking difficult for him to be able to do so. He would need to calm himself down before every over if he wants to achieve this.


Manpreet Gony would be energetic on the field and in his play overall, but unfortunately, it won’t be well directed.


JP Duminy should definitely be played. He has the ability to change the game and show some great ability to bring about energy required for the Chargers.


Daniel Christian is a great find and an asset. He will be able to play a balanced game, be in command and direct the team towards their desired result. The Temperance and Chariot reinforce that the balance he will manage to maintain may just be key.

Chennai Super Kings


Dhoni’s Super Kings are definitely carrying some past baggage (from their loss to Mumbai Indians) and this may still be playing on their minds. What’s great is that they go into the game with the desire to re-gain their balance by being sharper and more calculative. Despite this, it will be crucial that the team doesn’t forget that they will need to implement all that is discussed in team meetings. This implementation will be down to the captain and each player supporting and reminding the other.


Captain MS Dhoni, being ruled by the Seven of Cups and the Ace of Wands, may feel confused and will try his best to fight through this by taking some independent calls on the field. But will it work out? It won’t be that easy, especially since he’s not that confident. Dhoni will be lucky with the type of support his team will give him which may ease his burden.

Key players


Suresh Raina will be a live wire – energetic, free spirited and will play his natural game. It won’t all be frivolous hitting; instead, he’ll be like the King of Swords – working on a game plan throughout the match, as a fielder, bowler and batsmen.


Ravichandran Ashwin may not have the best day with the ball, but may end up being an important support with the bat if required.


Doug Bollinger will be strong, balanced and may hold an important key to the game as guided by the Hierophant, where you will find him playing an intelligent game.


Albie Morkel will be another great support as Raina will be. Morkel will use his cricketing mind very well when required. The Sunreflects great positivity and energy that he will bring to the team.

Who looks stronger?


This is a very tough one. I am tempted to say Deccan Chargers, but then the type of support Dhoni’s boys should give him, it’s a tough one to call.


(London-born Shruti Chopra was introduced to cricket by her two older brothers. She spent some of her childhood time inDelhi and became an Indian cricket fan. She has remained an unflinching and passionate Indian cricket fan even after moving back to London, setting 3.00 am alarms to watch India play Test matches. It was during the 2011 World Cup that she brought together her passion for cricket with her profession of Tarot Reading, looking at the cards in the hope of spotting an India win coming through – which it did! You can know more about Shruti via FacebookTwitter and her website)