Team effort! Really!!!

A lot of cricketers in the sub-continent are not comfortable with the English language and they end up being in acute discomfiture when interview during post-match presentation ceremonies. The interviewer will ask something and the player will answer something else. This is especially true for many players from Pakistan, who not only don’t understand English but, worse, the accent of the the foreigners interviewing them.

The player may have come prepared to answer a few questions and the interviewer could stump the player by asking him something he had not anticipated. Such circumstances often get comical.

Below is humorous take of such a scenario:

Foreign interviewer in a heavy accent to Pakistani player: Congratulations, I hear your wife is carrying for the second time!

Pakistani player: All credit goes to the boys. Everyone work hard for it, especially Afridi. It was tight situation when he went in. Without his strokeplay, it would have not have been possible. He was pulling the good balls. Credit must also go to our coach who kept a watch on the progress and kept giving instructions. It’s a team effort which pulled us out of big hole. God willing, we all will work together again as team produce more such results.