Team India’s Christmas wish list revealed!

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

India are taking on Australia Down Under amid the festivity of Christmas. The side understandably needed their share of Christmas presents, and wrote a combined letter to Santa Claus along with their wish list.

Shiamak Unwalla covertly finds out what each player asked Santa for:

MS Dhoni

The Indian skipper has asked for the book, “1001 great excuses”. The bank of excuses gets expended fast when Team India tours and the skipper desperately needs help.

Virat Kohli

Kohli’s gift has arrived! He had asked for his girlfriend Anushka Sharma to be present with him during the Boxing Day Test and New Year’s and his wish has been granted.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit had asked for a break from the Boxing Day Test as he was mentally fatigued by all the barbs thrown at him on social media. Santa lost no time in granting him the week. Santa may also have gifted India while granting Rohit his wish!

Shikhar Dhawan

Dhoni may have been sarcastic in saying that Kohli attacked Shikhar Dhawan with a knife in the dressing room, but the opener is taking no chances. He asked Santa for self-defence instructor, to which Santa left a note in his gift-wrapped box: “Why do you think I brought Ayesha in your life? Her professional skills as a boxer will help you ward off any attack.” Apparently, Dhawan was in tears after reading Santa’s note.

Ishant Sharma

The lanky Indian pace spearhead was rather grumpy at The Gabba because of a less-than-ideal vegetarian course. In order to avoid ever having to go hungry while on tour, he asked for a lifetime supply of “MTR Ready-to-eat Rajma Chawal.”

Varun Aaron

Aaron showed that he can generate serious pace at The Gabba. Unfortunately, just being fast without having any direction is about as useful as a katana in a gunfight. Aaron overheard commentators say that he “lacked direction,” so he decided to ask for a compass so that he would at least know which way to bowl.

Shiamak Unwalla is a proud Whovian and all-round geek who also dabbles in cricket writing as a reporter with CricketCountry. His Twitter handle is @ShiamakUnwalla)