‘The greatest sporting commentary of all time’

Former English cricketer turned commentator Jonathan Agnew is a popular voice in the world of cricket. He has been part of the BBC Test Match Special since 1991.

On August 1991, in a Test match against West Indies, Ian Botham’s freak dismissal went on to be a ‘commentary classic’. In an attempt to hook fast bowler Curtly Ambrose, Botham lost his balance and tried to avoid trampling over the stumps. Trying to step over the stumps, he flicked off the bail, resulting in his dismissal.

Along with fellow commentator Brian Johnston, Agnew went quite vocal on air regarding Botham’s inability to “perform”.

“He (Botham) just couldn’t quite get his leg over.”

The pair then couldn’t stop their laughter. One can only imagine the kind of letters Test Match Special had received in subsequent days from its fans, demanding a PG-13 rating! The commentary was heard by thousands travelling back home from work and apparently, they were forced to stop driving and seen laughing.

Later on, the commentary was voted as one of “the greatest sporting commentary of all time”” by listeners to BBC Radio 5 Live, receiving a whopping 78% of the votes.