Yusuf Pathan © Getty Images
Yusuf Pathan © Getty Images


By Dr Vikas Sharma


After India huffed-puffed to beat Netherlands, some national newspapers and TV Channels declared that India have moved into quarter-finals of the World Cup. But as the teams stand on the point table, there is an arithmetic possibility that Indian could get knocked out of the tournament.


If India loses its last match to the Chris GayleKieron Pollard powered West Indies, the host nation will end with seven points and their Net Run Rate will also come down while West Indies will move up in the group standing with eight points.


Bangladesh are expected to beat Netherlands. But if Bangladesh also beats South Africa, they will end up higher than India with eight points.


South Africa are expected to beat Ireland to go higher with 8 points.


Finally, if England beat West Indies by a good margin, they will end up with equal points to India – seven points. And if they improve their Net RR in the bargain and better it than India’s Net RR, they will go through into the last eight, leaving the national newspapers and TV Channels to eat their words.


The chances of such an eventuality are bleak, but it’s an arithmetical possibility. India may sneak through into the quarter-finals, there is a difference between marching in style living up to the pre-tournament billing as one of the favourites and squeaking through.


(Dr. Vikas Sharma, Dermatologist & Laser Surgeon, is a cricket fan)