Troubled MS Dhoni to seek Salman Khan’s blessings in a non-bailable court hearing

MS Dhoni surely knows how to stay in the news. Most of the times it’s due to his superlative batting skills and on other occasions it’s because of his franchise’s skills with betting. However, now a part of the Pune IPL franchise, Dhoni had hoped all these controversies will end once CSK was banned for two years but the maverick from Jharkhand has fresh worries to look at. Now a new court hearing awaits the Indian limited-overs captain. Also Read: Non-bailable warrant issued against MS Dhoni by Anantpur Court

A local court in Andhra Pradesh’s district of Anantapur has issued a non-bailable warrant against India’s ODI and T20 captain. The case relates to a morphed picture of Dhoni that appeared on the cover of a magazine in April 2013, which depicted him as a Hindu deity, Lord Vishnu, endorsing a lot of products, including a shoe. The headline said, “God of big deals.”

We all know issues related to god or satires on god can be very sentimental in India, ask our own PK aka Aamir Khan and Dhoni is surely a worried man (as if his personal batting form and that of his fast bowlers wasn’t enough!).

Dhoni’s die-hard fans in Chennai came out in his support by saying that the photo proves that Dhoni is in fact the real Vishnu, the tenth and last incarnation of Kalki of kalyug. Hearing this, a fight broke off between Dhoni fans and Rajnikant fans regarding who was the real god in Chennai!!

Image courtesy: Facebook
Image courtesy: Facebook

Meanwhile, after learning about this news, Ram Jethmalani was quick to contact Dhoni and offer him legal advice which Dhoni refused outrightly after Ram Jethmalani demanded fees higher than his IPL contract. A frustrated MSD has now approached Salman Khan to seek legal advice on this matter.

Salman Khan, as we all know, is known for his talents of escaping legal punishments and come out innocent and unscathed after every hearing.

According to reports, Salman has instructed Dhoni to say in court that the man in photograph wasn’t him but his driver.

To make his driver look like Dhoni, Salman has even given Dhoni the details of a well known plastic surgeon who works for Bollywood celebs.

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

[Devashish Palkar, an MBBS student, A sports afficionado, news addict and a patient of OCSD ( Obsessive Compulsive Satirical Disorder)].