Video:  Mumbai all set to counterattack ‘Gayle storm’

India will take on West Indies in the semi final of the ICC World T20 2016 at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Thursday. Chris Gayle is one of the most feared batsmen in contemporary cricket and his form is what threatens the Indians at Wankhede. Gayle is a superstar in India because of his prowess in the Indian Premier League.

In the video above, which is a hilarious take on Gayle and West Indies team was published by V Seven Pictures on YouTube. A West Indian fan is in the streets looking for Wankhede Stadium asks a local hawker for the way. The hawker who is a die hard Indian fan gives him the direction and asks to take try his ‘bhel’ as the journey is long. Meanwhile, the West Indian fan instigates the hawker as he praises his side and emphasises the importance of Gayle.

The hawker in an attempt to teach the West Indian fan a lesson makes the dish very spicy and utters a mind-blowing dialogue saying, “Mumbai main Gayle nahi, sirf bhel chalta hai.” As of now, all eyes are set at Wankhede Stadium as India will be taking on West Indies in the semi final and the winner of which will advance to the ultimate game of the tournament.