Virat Kohli (L) starts a new innings with Bollywood diva, Anushka Sharma. Photo Courtesy: Virat Kohli's official Twitter handle.
Virat Kohli (L) starts a new innings with Bollywood diva, Anushka Sharma. Photo Courtesy: Virat Kohli’s official Twitter handle.

I was on the train, en route work for a Saturday shift (digital media obviously does not guarantee weekends-off). I overheard a conversation between two people (not naming the company), presumably from a rival media organisation.

Person 1: Kya lagta hai starter mein kya hoga? Chhole kulche? (What do you think will be served for starters, chole kulche?

Person 1 bursts into laughter.

Person 2: Ho hi sakta hai. North Indian khana hai. Ispe bhi news kar lein? (Could be. It s a North Indian food after all. Should we make news on this as well?

The laughter now turns into a duet. Thankfully there were only two of them.

This was a sarcastic discussion in relation to Team India skipper Virat Kohli tying the knot with Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma. It was (hopefully) an exaggerated talk, but it surely depicted where media stands at present.

Ever since Kohli took a much-needed break from India-Sri Lanka series, speculations were rife about his whereabouts. A few days back, social media was flooded with #Virushka (Kohli and Anushka, geddit?) in context to their wedding in Italy. Then commenced an unceremonious race among news channels and sports sites to top Google rankings on Virushka.

Kohli and Anushka are obviously among the followed couples in India. They come from two of nation s most-cherished (and criticised) sectors cricket and cinema that made it almost impossible for them to keep their relationship away from prying eyes.

In such cases, it is never easy to escape cameras and media attention. If you succeed in that, social media platforms have their own way of jeopardising relationships.

However, Kohli and Anushka weathered all storms, and have tied the knot in Italy on December 11. Congratulations to the star couple!

Media, despite interrupting in Virushka’s relationship since time immemorial, will capitalise on this news for a month or so. They may send out congratulatory messages right now, but the table will turn on Kohli the moment he fails. They will rip him apart at the slightest errors in his early appearances on the field as a married man.

Here is a potential headline: Virat Kohli fails in his maiden appearance after getting married to Anushka Sharma.

Draw the line

It is not time we think? We should take a moment off our lives, and understand why Kohli and Anushka’s wedding was an attempted secret from the media?

The internet is already flooded with astrologers predicting the numerous ups and downs of their married life.


As things stand now, I have no plan about my wedding. However, it is unlikely that my brain will be as taxed over my marriage as the media s is over Virushka s.

My colleagues and I have run several pieces on their event. We are probably even relieved that they have finally tied the knot. They may be followed and badgered for a month, but the paparazzi will hopefully cease to bother them thereafter: happily married people, after all, seldom generate gossip.