When a husband called up cricket stadium mistaking it to be a maternity hospital
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The husband had just received a call from family that his wife had to be taken immediately to the hospital. Anxious about the birth of their first child, he rushed out of the office but couldn’t reach the hospital due to heavy traffic. He was stuck in a jam for more than 30 minutes and with the tension building up, he decided to call up the hospital but accidentally speed dialled the cricket stadium.

He and his wife were regular to the hospital for frequent pregnancy check-ups, so most of the staff knew them. The moment the call at the other end was received, the panting husband asked, “Hello! Mathur here how’s the situation?”

Hearing the reply, he got the shock of his life and fainted in the taxi. The man at other end had replied, “It’s all fine here. Three are out. Hope to get another seven out by lunch. Oh and yes, the last one was a duck!”