When girls watch IPL!

The guy has hit a jackpot if his girl loves sports. But is everyone this lucky? This video will make you recall all the moments you have spend with your girl friends while watching your favourite sport, cricket. Hearing them talk in between, might have made you want to roll on the floor with laughter or bang your head with irritation. They are a sort of entertainment for the sporting crowd when it comes to their unexpected knowledge regarding the sport. What adds more humour to the context is the way they enquire about silly things during an ongoing cricket match.

With the commencement of the eighth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the festive period has already begun in India. This is the time when you witness girls doing absurd things and raising ridiculous questions, in order to pass their time while watching an IPL match. This video is a reflection.

The video starts with two girls sitting on the couch, chit-chatting, applying lip-stick and watching an IPL match. One of the girls asks “What players do after IPL”? The other responds, “Maybe, they play league games in different clubs.”

In the next frame, both girls are engrossed watching a match and one of them says, “These players are so hot.” The other one acknowledges saying, “Look at his run-up, so hot…” Till the time they both are busy gossiping about the players, a person comes and asks, “Why are you both doing? Why you girls are watching yesterday’s match? The frame ends with both girls giggling, making us understand about their ‘passion’ for IPL.

From AB de Villiers’ sixes to boyfriend’s kisses to Anushka Sharma’s presence during a match, it’s a hilarious video on the way women watch cricket!

Funniest part of the video comes when both the girls are sitting on the couch, one wearing RCB jersey while the other in Chennai Super Kings (CSK) outfit. The one sporting the yellow jersey pretends to be an avid CSK fan as well as MS Dhoni supporter. She says in rage that the Indian skipper will bash RCB thick and thin. After her friend says Virat Kohli will break every record, she gets surprised and says, “Wow! Kohli is in RCB’s team.” She thinks for while and requests her friend to swap jerseys. “Give me this RCB jersey, I love Kohli.” When her friend asks, “What about Chennai (CSK)?” The girl who pretends to be the CSK fan confesses that she was only wearing the jersey because she loves the colour, yellow! Ok, enough said. Watch the video.