Video: When Shoaib Akhtar gave a mouthful to his teammates

A bowler’s life in Test cricket is arduous; it demands excess stamina and sheer temperament. There are occasions when a bowler gets frustrated after putting loads of hard yards and yet not rewarded. Sledging in cricket is well-known but at times players also get agitated on their own teammates.

One such instance was witnessed during the second innings of the second Test between India and Pakistan at Kolkata in December 2005. Sourav Ganguly was batting at the crease and was seven runs short of completing his 6000 Test runs at the end of Day 4. Shoaib Akhtar was bowling and looked exhausted, after bowling one fuller one he was returning to his bowling mark when he uttered some hot words to his teammate Yasir Hameed. The statement was caught on the stump mic and looked a bit heated and abusive. Any encounter between arch-rivals India and Pakistan is electrifying and moments like these just add up the spice.

Akhtar during his heydays was known for his aggression with the ball as well as on the field. He was not among the cool heads on the field and was often seen in such kind of situations. The match ended in a draw as a lot of runs were scored in the entire Test. Instances like these are much loved by the fans and followers and this one certainly made the highlight of the match.