World Cup 2011 Fan Diary: No twists & turns in the script Virender Sehwag’s mix-up with Sachin Tendulkar was the only sore point of the Indian innings © Getty Images


By Tejaswini Tirta


The initial matches of the 2011 World Cup have gone alone expected lines.


Here’s a snap judgment on some hot topics:


Losing toss a blessing in disguise?


As someone who knows a thing or two about cricket, I was hoping and praying that Team India win the toss and bat first so we can put up a good total. We did put up a huge total in front of a shell-shocked Bangladeshi crowd, no doubt. Just that we did this having lost the toss and being “sent” to bat by our opponents. Dhoni said he’d have like to bowl first as well, taking into account the dew factor. Well, “Captain Cool”, the only “dew” we saw was on the faces of Bangladeshi players while Virender Sehwag and Virat Kohli belted 4s and 6s. I know, we saw a little bit of it on Sreesanth’s face too later. But seriously, thank God we lost the toss!


Sachin run-out! How dare you?


So, Sehwag wasn’t looking. So, he went on to score 175. So, we won the match and that’s what counts at the end of the day. But, fact remains that Sehwag ran out the Little Master. Now, would the Man-of-the-opening match please extend his right hand and solemnly swear: Thou shall not run out the Master again at any point in this tournament.


Slack bowling, mediocre fielding: Concern or confidence?


The cricketing and media “experts” are all talking about how Team India’s lifeless bowling and shoddy fielding are causes for concern in the matches ahead. I, on the other hand, believe that maybe (just maybe) the boys took it easy since the score was that massive. Then again, I also think it’d have done our net run-rate an awful lot of good had we got the Bangladesh team all out for much less. Sri Lanka managed this part well. Although, methinks they need to be a little more worried about their fielding than us.


Minnow musings


There seems to be lot of discussion post the Sri Lanka-Canada and New Zealand-Ireland match. Should the non-Test cricket playing nations be included in the World Cup? Should the ICC stick to a 10-team tournament etc.? Firstly, all champion teams entered their first World Cups as minnows.


Secondly, it was a minnow team that upset the quarter-final line-up dearly in 2007. But most important of all, let’s not forget that cricket is not the only sport in the world. Every major sporting event – be it in Motorsports, Commonwealth Games, FIFA World Cup, EPL or tennis – has its champions players and teams, along with its share of “also-played”. Does this mean all these countries be stopped from setting up their teams in sports they are yet to find a footing in? I don’t think so. Let’s not forget that champions are bred, not born.


(Bangalore-based Tejaswini Tirta spent the first eight years of her career in mainstream media, having worked with leading dailies like Times of India, The New Indian Express and Asian Age, tracking new trends in the film, fashion, theater and gaming industries. A couple of years ago, she was bitten by the corporate bug, but tried to keep the journalist in her alive by grabbing every writing opportunity that came her way. Her other interests include reading, music, watching movies, traveling, F1 racing and of course, cricket)