Yograj Singh forgives MS Dhoni; January 29 to be declared new World Peace Day

‘All is well’ seems to be the mantra now. India and Australia already share Republic Day and Australia Day on January 26, and now the Governments of both nations have written to United Nations to declare January 29 as the ‘World Peace Day’.

The day did not start this way. Once again, much to the dismay of Yograj Singh, Indian skipper MS Dhoni came out to bat ahead of the former’s son Yuvraj Singh. This meant, Yuvraj making a comeback to the national side was denied of batting in both T20Is. Yograj, who has blamed Dhoni for every existing evil in the history of mankind — from the Trojan War to Sita’s kidnapping to Draupadi’s disrobing to the Gulf War to Justin Bieber’s debut to Yuvraj’s axing and many more — had every reason to be miffed with the Indian captain for batting ahead of his son. While the fans were expecting Yograj to come all guns blazing at his nemesis Dhoni, the latter decided to wave the olive branch.

Australia were cruising towards a win when Dhoni introduced Yuvraj in the 12th over. The dangerous Glenn Maxwell charged down the wicket and Yuvraj bowled one wide and quick. Dhoni, who had earlier missed a stumping, this time made no mistake and effected a super-quick one. Yuvraj got a wicket and both gleefully hugged each other. Yuvraj got a wicket and all was forgotten. Read more: Pick of the tweets: Australia vs India, 2nd T20I at Melbourne

Yuvraj went on to bowl 2 overs, gave away 7 runs and picked up a wicket and his spell changed the game’s course as India registered a win by 27 runs and ensured a series win. An elated Yograj was seen distributing sweets and decided to forgive Dhoni.

“I have cleared my misconception on Dhoni. He will die rich and he is not Ravana but in fact Hanuman to my Ram-like son. He does wield the bat like a mace and I hope they partner India to more such successes,” said Yograj to CricLife over phone.

Overall a peaceful day

The first T20I saw some intense moments in the middle with Virat Kohli’s send-off to Steve Smith grabbing headlines. But this time around, players decided to make peace and be lenient. When Kohli slipped and fell down during his innings, his long time on-field banter-mate James Faulkner helped him get up.

The day also marked moments of returning favours. Kohli, who usually is at the receiving end of run outs while batting with Rohit Sharma turned the tables and ran his teammate out. Then the Indian fielders in a goodwill gesture dropped many Australian catches. Australia beat India 4-1 in the ODI series decided to hand India the T20I Trophy as a part of goodwill gesture. The icing on the cake was the amity between Yograj and Dhoni. There are enough reasons to term it World Peace Day.

Please note this is a humour article — work of pure fiction

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