The Unsurprising Popularity Of Cricket In The Philippines

Cricket is a sport that has been gaining traction all over the world, and The Philippines is no exception.

The Unsurprising Popularity Of Cricket In The Philippines

The Unsurprising Popularity Of Cricket In The Philippines

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Cricket is a sport that has been gaining traction all over the world, and The Philippines is no exception. It’s no surprise that the country has taken a liking to the sport and that its popularity is growing with each passing day. This blog post will look at why cricket has become so popular in The Philippines, as well as some of the other factors that are driving its growth in the country.

A Brief History of Cricket in The Philippines

Cricket has been played in The Philippines since the 19th century, but it was never an especially popular sport. It was mostly played by the British expatriate community and the Anglo-Indian population. In the 1980s, though, the Philippine Cricket Association was formed, and the sport slowly began to gain more recognition.  The association also works with hotels and travel companies to offer cricket fans hotel deals online for tournaments, which has helped to increase interest in the sport.

Why is cricket popular in The Philippines?

 Cricket has been growing in popularity in The Philippines for some time now. One of the reasons why cricket is so popular in The Philippines is its accessibility and affordability. Cricket is easy to learn and doesn’t require expensive equipment or special training. Cricket also provides an alternative to traditional sports such as basketball and volleyball. It’s also an exciting game with its own rules, which makes it very enjoyable for players and fans alike.

Major Cricket Players in the Philippines

 The Philippines has a growing number of professional cricket players. They are gaining more recognition in the country and abroad as their popularity grows. Some of the most notable players include Riaz Palma, Benjie Bautista, Mahesh Jai Singh, Gino Munoz, and Chris Everingham. Riaz Palma is the captain of the Philippine national cricket team and is considered to be one of the best cricketers in the country.

How the Philippine Cricket Association is Helping to Grow the Sport

The Philippine Cricket Association (PCA) was established in 2016 and has since then been working diligently to promote and grow the sport in the country. The PCA runs various tournaments and leagues for both men and women, organizes development programs for coaches, umpires, and players, and encourages cricket participation at all levels. The PCA is also responsible for making sure that cricketers in The Philippines have access to the latest equipment and coaching resources.

How does cricket compare to other sports in The Philippines?

 Cricket is increasingly becoming popular in The Philippines, competing with sports such as basketball and soccer which have traditionally been dominant. In terms of spectator participation, cricket trails behind basketball and soccer, but its fan base is rapidly growing. In fact, the 2019 ICC World Cup Qualifier held in The Philippines drew a large crowd, demonstrating a growing interest in the sport.

What does the future hold for cricket in The Philippines?

The Philippine Cricket Association (PCA) is dedicated to making cricket a more popular and widely played sport in the Philippines. They are actively working to raise awareness of the sport by running competitions, engaging with local communities, and creating partnerships with other organizations. The PCA is also working with international cricketing bodies to host more international tournaments in the future, which would undoubtedly help to further boost the sport’s popularity.

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