Ahmed Shehzad’s simple advice
Photo courtesy: Twitter

Young cricketers especially from the subcontinent are laughed at because of their inability to speak fluent English during interviews. Many cricketers belong to the modest background and pursue their educations in regional languages and that is the reason they struggle with the universally accepted language in cricket — English.

Many of the interviews (led by the ones by Inzamam-ul-Haq) are all over Internet so that the fans can have a hearty laugh. Pakistan opener Ahmed Shehzad was caught up in a philosophical mood on Tuesday night and he decided to tweet against people’s judgement. (Read more: Ahmed Shehzad: 11 facts you should know about the exciting Pakistan opener)

He first tweeted, “I am a cricketer, you are doctor, he is an engineer, she is a designer, they are teachers. Everyone has their own capability so never judge anyone about what others can do.” He then went on to mention, “I like it when people try to correct cricketers English, I wish we could teach them how to play a yorker or bowl a bouncer.”