Ajinkya Rahane on his “mantra” of calmness

Indian cricketer Ajinkya Rahane might be one of the most exciting young cricketers on the block but in many ways, he still belongs to the old school of cricket. The 28-year-old Mumbai batsman relies on good technique and in days of machoism, tattoos and sledging, Rahane subscribes to the school of thoughts that ‘cricket is a gentleman’s game’. No wonder, his boyhood hero was Rahul Dravid, an epitome of ‘gentlemanly’ conduct. ALSO READ: Ajinkya Rahane, Rahul Dravid and the 2000 ODI runs connection

Luckily for Rahane, he got to share the dressing room with the legend in his first tour with India and later played a lot of cricket under Dravid’s guidance in the Rajasthan Royals (RR) camp in the Indian Premier League. Rahane, who has practiced karate in younger days, knows the value of discipline and believes to channelize his aggression, with the willow. However, he does not mind when his teammates retort to on-field aggression as he believes that is what brings out the best in some people and they should continue to do so.

So, how does he deal when his good friend Rohit Sharma confronts Steve Smith or captain Virat Kohli is involved in a verbal duel? In an interview with Times of India, Rahane opened up on his mantra. READ MORE: Ajinkya Rahane: 15 facts about the classy Indian batsman

“That is my way of dealing with things. Every person is different on the field. I do not like to express myself. If I stay composed, cool and calm, I can be aggressive through my batting not through my actions. That is my mantra,” said Rahane, who is back after holidaying with his wife and is gearing up for the Tests in West Indies.

He realised his mantra early in his career and feels that “anger” hampers his performance. The Test vice-captain further added, “I like to stick to that because whenever I got angry on the field, I didn’t do well. I realised very early that if I stay calm under pressure, I can do much better.”