Angry player kills umpire’s sister after he refuses to change decision in a local cricket match

Since the inception of hugely popular Indian Premier League (IPL), there have been many similar local cricket leagues introduced in almost every state and city of India. Following that trend, once again a league was introduced in a town named Jarara which is 20 km from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh (UP). It was a big moment for the residents of Jarara town after the announcement of Jarara Premier League (JPL), which started on May 14 and ended on May 30. Also Read: Pranav Dhanawade’s father clears air on the Under-16 selection controversy surrounding his son and Arjun Tendulkar

The tournament was going quite well and peacefully but on May 28, a casual umpiring decision during a match paved way for a tragic incident. On-field umpire Raj Kumar gave decision of a no ball on a delivery during the match and from that moment, his life became a nightmare. As reported by Times of India, during the match between Jarara and Bariki, umpire Kumar called for a no ball at the crucial moment of the match. A player from the bowling team named Sandeep Pal was quite dejected with the decision and asked the umpire to change it. But even as the umpire refused changing his decision, Pal threatened to kill him.

On the very next day, May 29, Pal met Kumar’s 15-year-old sister Pooja and her three friends. He offered cold drinks spiked with poison in order to take revenge with the umpire. Since Pooja and her friends knew Pal, they did not suspect him and accepted the drinks and after few moments, Kumar’s sister collapsed and died. Her friends are currently battling for life at the hospital. Also Read: Kanpur man loses wife in IPL gambling

After the incident, dejected pradhan of Jarara town said that violence is very common in UP and added, “Violence during sporting events is very common in UP. I always knew it was a bad idea to hold such a cricket tournament here. My fears have come true. We resisted the formation of this JPL from the very beginning because these people don’t know what sportsmanship is. They are touchy and violent. See what has happened in the first season itself. Give them a bat and they will swing it on each others face.” Also Read: BIZARRE: Children arrested in UP for playing cricket!

The president of JPL Khair Cricket Committee — Bobby Khan quipped that the tournament was organised on the condition that no one would go for a fight if conflict takes place. Meanwhile, Kumar has decided not to do anything further for any match in future and police is currently searching for Pal, who is missing.