Ashish Nehra still uses “an old Nokia phone”; unaware of the social media rivalry between India-Bangladesh fans

The use of social media is an important practice these days. Like others, almost all the cricketers use the platform to share their views and connect with their huge fanbase. Furthermore, many a sporting rivalries are shaping up on social media these days. Case in point is India-Bangladesh fan rivalry, which witnessed its highpoint when a photo-shopped image of Bangladesh bowler Taskin Ahmed holding MS Dhoni’s head surfaced during the Asia Cup.

However, the Indian team beat the neighbours convincingly in the final and ironically, it was Dhoni who finished it in style. On Wednesday, both the teams will clash in the World T20 and ahead of the game, the rivalry has flared up. In the press conference on the eve of the match, Indian pacer Ashish Nehra was sent to address the media, quite a rarity. And when Nehra was being asked a question on the social media rivalry between the fans of the two sides, he came up with a gem-of-a-reply.

You are asking this question to a wrong person because I am somebody who is on social media. I am still using my old Nokia so I am not on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I don’t read newspapers,” said Nehra, forcing the media contingent present at the conference burst into laughter.

Later, the official account of BCCI tweeted asking his good friend and former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag to convince Nehra to become active on social media. ‘Nehra Ji’s’ good old friend Sehwag replied in affrmative: “I will try my best.”