BCCI criticises Shahid Afridi for his comment over Kashmir
Photo courtesy: Getty Images

The high-voltage game between Pakistan and New Zealand at Mohali on Tuesday saw the former losing the battle along with which their hopes of making it to the semi-finals are almost shattered. But what attracted enormous eyeballs was the post-match presentation where Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi hinted his retirement and also made some futile comment over people coming from Kashmir.

Kashmir has been a matter of dispute between India and Pakistan and has created massive political tension between the neighbouring countries, it’s a sensitive topic to speak on. After the toss, Afridi said that people in huge numbers from Kashmir have turned up to support the Pakistani cricket team against New Zealand.

BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur criticised this comment from Afridi as it would spark tension. Thakur was quoted in a report from PTI saying, “To give a statement like that is not politically correct. A player should stay away from all this. That’s the reason why he was criticised in Pakistan.”

During Pakistan’s game against New Zealand at Mohali, a part of the crowd applauded for Afridi at the toss which compelled commentator Rameez Raja if Pakistan had support from India.

“Yes, a lot of people, a lot of people are here from Kashmir as well. And I want to thank people of Kolkata, they really support us as well,” Afridi said just before the game.

Earlier, Afridi sparked controversy when he said that his team receive more love in India than in Pakistan. Hopefully, the tide calms down and Afridi gets back to his duties on the field.