Ben Stokes’ half-brother and sister were shot dead by their father

Ben Stokes‘ half-brother and sister were shot dead by their father, three years before his birth in 1988. The shocking events was revealed by The Sun on Tuesday.

The killer Richard Dunn, ex of Ben’s mother Deb, out of jealousy shot Tracey, eight, and Andrew, four, before turning the gun on himself in April 1988, the report stated.

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“Dunn had weekend custody of the children and shot them both dead before turning the gun on himself in April 1988,” the news report added.

The tragic events have not been spoken about in public before and it was during that grief-stricken period Deb gave birth to Ben, fathered by rugby coach Gerard Stokes of New Zealand.

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As per the report, a family source revealed that Deb had “something to live for” after her jealous ex killed their two children with the birth of Ben.

The report also quotes Jacqui Dunn, daughter of the killer from a previous marriage. “I couldn’t believe Dad would do such a thing. It was just horrible. Deb was so angry and traumatised she kicked the coffin at his funeral and I’ve never seen or heard from her since. And I had absolutely no idea she’s had another son who became an England cricket star,” Jacqui was quoted as saying.

Richard, 39 at the time, was jobless and had split with Deb. He discovered she had taken up with the rugby coach, prompting him to take the extreme step.

Ben and his parents moved to the UK when he was 12 after Gerard landed a job with Workington Town rugby league club in Cumbria, the report further added.