Ben Stokes tries his hands at street cricket
Image courtesy: Ben Stokes (Instagram)

Cricketers have a massive fan following and have the capability to draw enormous attention through their activities. Ben Stokes on this occasion was seen supporting the social cause with ‘chance_to_shine’ [Poll: Was Ben Stokes really trying to obstruct the field?]

Chance_to_shine is a charitable organisation, which focuses on spreading the competence of cricket at grass root levels through the mediums of school and colleges.

Stokes was seen playing street cricket for couple of hours with the locals and expresses his elation by posting a picture on Instagram and wrote, “Great camera skills by@melindasmfarrell…really enjoyed the couple hours of Street Cricket I played with @chance_to_shine” [Also Read: Ben Stokes given out ‘obstructing the field’: Twitter reactions]

England although may have bitten dust in first two One-Day Internationals (ODIs) against Australia but one can expect them to bounce back as they still have three games to be played. A lot of onus on England’s comeback depends on Stokes’ shoulders as his effective all-rounder skills can turn the course of the match in a matter of few minutes. [Also Read: Here’s James Anderson’s view on Ben Stokes’ dismissal]

Stokes was in the news and made the headlines when he was ruled out in the second ODI for obstructing the field, a decision that was highly controversial and has attracted many eyeballs.