Andrew Flintoff seems all geared up for his second innings!

Cricketers are often seen having an avid interest in several other forms of arts and culture. Andrew Flintoff has tried his hand in just too many. From boxing to climbing to singing, he has now shown his eagerness towards comedy and art of play. England’s protagonist in the 2005 Ashes, has always been an entertainer, and now he shifts his attention to storytelling and tickling audience’s ribs. Flintoff has a lot of interesting stories to share about that memorable English summer.

His performance earlier this week was reviewed by Chris Bennion in The Telegraph, who called it, “Flintoff the performer is, after all, much like the Flintoff the bowler. In fits and starts, he’s irresistible. In the moments in between, you wonder where the fire’s gone.”

He seems to be getting better in the act and Flintoff along with the renowned comedy writer and producer Clyde Holcroft will continue to entertain the audience. His website describes the show ‘Freddie Flintoff 2nd Innings’ tour: “Hear the behind the scenes truth of the infamous Ashes traffic-stopping bus tour to Freddie’s Guinness world record -breaking marathons for Sport Relief via questions about player’s toilet habits! They may even get round to discussing Cricket as the Ashes returns to the UK this summer and Freddie celebrates 10 years since the historic 2005 victory.”

Here’s the listed show dates for the coming month:

August 3, at Wolverhampton Civic Hall

August 11, at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

August 27, at Pleasance Edinburgh

August 28, at Pleasance Edinburgh

August 29, at Pleasance Edinburgh

August 30, at Leeds Grand Theatre

Seems like anecdotes and laughter are at galore with Freddie in this new avatar.