BCCI issues ultimatum to WICB; demands damages worth USD 41.97 million

The BCCI has issued an ultimatum to the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), demanding the USD 41.97 million damages that was caused due to the Caribbean team’s mid-way pullout in October last year.

As reported by Indian Express, the BCCI sent out a fresh letter to the WICB and demanded that the compensation be paid at the earliest for the Dwayne Bravo led side’s “sudden, arbitrary withdrawal” from the tour of India.

In the letter dated January 20, BCCI Secretary Sanjay wrote: “When CARICOM intervened in the dispute and requested BCCI to hold off on its claims for a period of 40 days from the deadline stipulated in its claim letter, the BCCI acquiesced to the same in the hope that an acceptable resolution would be achieved through CARICOM’s able mediation.”

“However, it is with regret that the BCCI finds itself in a position where its expectations have remained wholly unfulfilled, with there being no progress in finding a solution that is acceptable to the BCCI, despite the 40-day time period having long since elapsed.”

“The BCCI cannot any longer hold off from pursuing its claims against WICB in the appropriate forum being the courts in India. We trust that CARICOM will understand our position.”

BCCI further threatened of legal actions if the WICB failed to comply with the requisitions that contained in the letter.

The letter further stated, “If the WICB fails to comply with the requisitions contained in our letter dated 31st October 2014 within a period of 7 days from receipt of this letter, the BCCI shall initiate legal proceedings in the appropriate forum against WICB without further intimation.”