Brett Lee opens up on shooting kissing scenes for ‘Unindian’

Former Australian pacer Brett Lee-starrer movie ‘Unindian’ is all set to hit the theaters in India on August 19. Ahead of the release, Lee has been widely promoting his film throughout India and has given at least hundred interviews till now. He naturally is very thrilled with the response.

As reported by, Lee was pretty shocked over the excitement for his movie among the fans and said, The response has been tremendous and I was actually shocked to know that so many people are excited to see the movie. It s a film which cuts through cross-cultural barriers and we are very proud of the work we have put in. Also Read: Brett Lee-starrer ‘Unindian’ gets into a tussle with Censor Board over sensual scenes

Talking about the cuts asked by Indian censor board over the love making scenes in his movie, Lee responded very diplomatically by saying, “See, the filmmaker is an Indian and the star of the show, Tannishtha is an Indian too, so if they think that it’s right to do something, I will back their call. Despite the scene being trimmed down, there’s still enough passion which makes it a worthy watch.”

He further added a bit of humour to his statement and quipped, “It was a bit like facing Curtly Ambrose without a helmet,” followed by bursting laughter. According to a report by Sydney Morning Herald, his wife Lana supported him throughout the shooting and helped him while shooting those kissing scenes. “I’ve always been, if I’m with someone, I’m with them a 100 per cent. My wife said if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to get in there and do it properly. So to have her blessing really helped.”

Lee also spoke about his co-actor Tannishtha Chatterjee and praised her for helping him and added, “Tannishtha is a great actor. She has done so many beautiful movies like Brick Lane and from day one we struck a chord, she helped me calm down. A special bond was created which helped our chemistry and I was able to give my best.”

In the end, Lee signed off with a statement for his Indian fans by saying, “Namaste, aap kaise ho? Sab theek hai? Bahut accha? My voice has become sore, I need some thanda paani,”

Watcht the trailer of the movie here: