Brian Lara fears that Phil Hughes injury will have an effect on fast bowlers’ psyche
Brian Lara evades a bouncer from Glenn McGrath in December, 2000 © Getty Images

West Indian legend Brian Lara on Wednesday said that the Phil Hughes injury will have a serious effect on the psyche of bowlers around the world.

“It will have a serious effect,” Lara said.

“No bowler wants to be in that situation. You want to be able to go out there and give your full compliment of deliveries and test the batsman in all sorts of different ways, but that sort of end result is not what you aim for.

[Sean Abbott] will be utterly devastated and not in a very good frame of mind. I think it was a very good decision to abandon the game and everyone can try and recover emotionally and psychologically.”

Lara recalled being hit by the likes of Shoaib Akhtar and Glenn Mcgrath, but said that batsman having to face hostile bowling is a ‘part of game’ and eradicating or further limiting the short ball, would take away from the essence of the game.

“But it’s part of a fast bowlers armoury and it’s very hard to take that totally away from them,” said the Trinidadian, who described the Hughes incident as ‘rare’ and ‘unfortunate’. “It’s so sad what took place and you just have to pray. I know that the whole of Australia and the whole of the cricketing world are hoping the best comes out of this and pray he comes back to full health.”