Chris Gayle ‘handcuffed’ by female police officer!

Chris Gayle lives his life like probably no other cricketer in the modern world. Despite the pressures that are part and parcel of modern cricket, especially for high-profile names like Gayle, the Jamaican is forever happy and smiling. He is willing to have fun all the time, no matter with whom.

He does not even spare the cops. We saw that when he shared a picture of him on social media with an Australian female cop.

Well, Gayle was it again!

On Monday, he shared a picture on Instagram (top left) with a lady police officer ‘handcuffing him’. Gayle wrote on Instagram, “When u misbehaved and about to get kicked out of the party…. I only asked the officer lady to dance with me… I’m a bad boy!!” Well it was all in good fun. Picture on right says it all, as Gayle explained, “Re-United … Can’t lock up the #WorldBoss after all…I’m bad, but a good man… Told them I served and protect!”

Way to go, Gayle. The cricket world needs characters like you!