Dale Steyn and colleagues celebrate their win with a ‘taxi selfie’
Image courtesy: Dale Steyn (Instagram)

South African speedster Dale Steyn is at it again, surely he has picked a leaf or two from World Boss Chris Gayle’s diary and never misses a chance to act clown in the social media. This time he was spotted seen cramped up in a taxi in South Africa. He is accompanied by David Miller and Kyle Abbott, as the trio pose for a selfie.

They are eye-pouting in a gesture which probably signifies ‘break-free’ but to be honest they look like zombies doing that. This is a nice, pleasant break which will help them get already for the South African cricketing itinerary that follows. Dale took to Instagram and posted picture and wrote: “Taxi selfies with these clowns!#foreheadphotobomb”

The mood in the camp can be clearly felt from this. Why not? South Africa beat New Zealand by 20 runs and Steyn picked two. The loss in the hands of Kiwis in the World Cup semi-final must be still hurting the Proteas and only a series win here will please them.