Dale Steyn catches Kyle Abbott peeing in Golf course!

Taking the Mickey out of fellow cricketers seems to be in vogue. Kevin Pietersen has been incessantly ribbing Faulkner on social media platforms. Now it is Dale Steyn who unbelievably caught South Africa team-mate Kyle Abbott peeing on the golf course.

The South African speedster, Dale Steyn is a huge social media fan and never shies away from sharing about his life on the social platforms. He never looks back in making fun of his teammates or his pals and is always ready for a good banter.

Steyn often shares about Quinton de Kock on his social media accounts but this time he caught Kyle Abbott in the act. Steyn caught pacer Abbott red-handed peeing on the golf course.

The always so cheerful Steyn shared Abbott’s snap on his Instagram and Twitter account stating, “Golf. Tree. Pee. @Kyle_Abbott87”

This humorous rather embarrassing picture of Abbott received funny Twitter reactions from people around the world. And Dale Steyn still remains the funny guy.