David Boon’s record of beer consumption smashed by baseball player Wade Boggs

It is claimed that the record of 52 cans of beer consumed by former Australian batsmen David Boon during a cross-country flight from Australia to England in the 1989 Ashes tour has been broken by legendary baseball player Wade Boggs.

As reported by Fox Sports Australia, its is said that Boggs had consumed a record breaking 107 cans of beer during a cross-country flight in United States. Actor Charlie Day on Tonight Show said, “Supposedly, when they (players) would have these cross county flights he (Boggs) would drink on average 40 to 50, some say 70 beers.”

He continued, “He told me that the actual number he pulled me aside and said, ‘Charlie, really, it was 107.’

Earlier, David Boon had broken the record of 51 cans of beers consumed by Rod Marsh. Despite drinking 52 cans, Boon’s teammate Dean Jones claimed that Boon was able to walk off the plane and attend a sponsor’s event even after been drunk.