Ex-teammate Niall O’Brien expresses surprise over Shahadat Hossain maid controversy

While Bangladesh have done wonderfully in 2015, few of the cricketers from the nation have made the news for all the wrong reasons. Shahadat Hossain is one of them. He and his wife Jasmine Jahan Nritto Shahadat have been charged with physically torturing an 11-year-old maid.

Sydney Morning Herald reported that the couple face a maximum 14 years of imprisonment. In September, the girl Mahfuza Akter Happy had filed a case with the police that the couple tortured her. The young girl was found injured and crying on a street in Dhaka with injury marks all over her body. In a report from AFP, Shahadat was quoted as saying, “I am innocent. Everyone who knows me will testify to that. A man’s dignity relies on his professional career. It seems to me that mine is being ruined.”

Shahadat will appear in court with his wife on January 12. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has already banned him and his former teammate at Khulna Royal Bengals in Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) Niall O’Brien expressed his surprise at this news on Twitter.