Former leggie Anil Kumble finds a unique talent in his spin hunt

Anil Kumble’s spin hunt across 80 towns and cities witnessed a great discovery as the former Indian skipper came across a special leg-spinner few days back in Bangalore. With more than two thousand spinners coming and showcasing their spin talent at the NRA ground in Bangalore, Kumble picked up 110 finalists with a special boy catching his eye.

Shankar Sajjan was a 17-year old physically challenged leg-spinner with deformed hands. The young boy attracted a lot of attention especially Kumble, who was left, dumbfounded. Sajjan initially didn’t make it to the top 20 but the former Indian spinner added his name as a special case.

According to Indian Express, Kumble expressed his astonishment at the boy’s skill. “I was really amazed at his spirit,” said the former spinner.

Kumble was happy in providing Sajjan with an opportunity and spoke about the underlying talent in every walk of life in India.

“We didn’t pick him in the final 20 list but we will be having him in our camp as a special case. All one needs is an opportunity. I am glad I could provide one,” added Jumbo.

On Sunday, nearly 20 spinners were chosen from the list of 110 and now they will go for the final showdown, where only 3 spinners will be selected. These 3 young spinners will be monitored by Kumble’s company Tenvic and will be rewarded with a massive amount of 1 lakh rupees each.

Sajjan from the beginning was a cricket lover like many young boys in India. But things weren’t as easy for him as he had expected as he failed to get selected at Shahu Cricket Club at the Ambedkar Stadium back in Bijapur, Karnataka.

His coaches were staunch in their approach, making it clear that he will be only accepted if he bowls properly. Despite having physical deformities, the 17-year old boy cleared his selection.

Things worsened for Sajjan as he lost his mom when he was just 2 years old. All he is left is with a sister and a brother at home.

“My uncle Sharan supported me to come for this camp. I’m big fan of Kumble sir and it’s a dream come true. He told me that he will be sponsoring my training and education needs,” Sajjan said.