Gayle on a shoot, funky as ever!
Image Courtesy: Chris Gayle (Instagram)

Whatever he does creates a stir in the social space, even if it is an ordinary picture. After a rocking birthday World Boss is at a shoot where he looks all dressed up, in fact he looks super funky.

In the picture we see Gayle seated facing the camera for a shoot. To be honest he is not camera shy hence looks unperturbed. Gayle has his hair all neatly combed and he has put on a shoe the dancers would envy. Is it the charging shoe, we guess no.

Hours ago he had posted another picture where he said that he is getting all ready to travel to Paris and then London hence we are guessing he is in former as in another tweet he confirms he will not be going to the latter.

Gayle is an amazing personality and one soon watch the big Jamaican in action in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).