Guess, what unwell Chris Gayle is thinking about?
Image courtesy: Chris Gayle (Instagram)

The picture about is a rare as it shows Chris Gayle without his omnipresent smile on his face. So, what’s wrong with Gayle? According to the man himself, he is unwell.

Guess what Gayle’s uppermost thoughts are at this point of time? Doctor? Medicines? Rest? No!!! You are sadly mistaken if you think those are the thoughts he is entertaining. He is thinking of another party ahead which he may not be able to make it!

Gayle wrote while sharing the above picture on Instagram, “Not feeling good! Always a 1st! 1st time in the history of #DreamWeekend I over did it at the 1st party, had too much to drink… Doubt I can make the 2nd party for the night! #PlayerDown #HopePanadolHelpsI had a freaking blast! #TheStruggleIsReal#TomorrowIsAnotherDay” All we can say is, this man is a “World Boss” as he proclaims himself!