Indian love for the Aussie boy: The watermelon kid loves Indian curry
Image Courtesy: Fun facts (Twitter)

People turn out in huge numbers for the Twenty20 (T20) matches yet there are few spectators who catch the attention with their unique lifestyle or fancily dressed attire. On this occasion, a small kid drew enormous attention during the match between Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on last Saturday.

The boy named Mitchell Schibeci, who is a son of a radio host, was seen eating a whole watermelon along with the skin which looked very cute and eye pleasing on the big screen. But what stunned the Indian fans was Mitchell’s love for Indian curry.

Very soon the kid became a trending subject and people were interested to know more about him. Eating a whole watermelon with the skin is something which people usually don’t do but Mitchell seems to carve his own ways.

Andrew Nelson, who interviewed Mitchell the ‘watermelon boy’ on television, was quoted in a report from Mid-Day saying, “Mitchell Schibeci, aka the Watermelon Boy, became an internet star when he appeared on television screens across Australia during the broadcast of the Big Bash at the MCG last night. His spectacular technique of chewing down a whole watermelon entranced the internet. Mitchell says he’s a huge fan of watermelons and plans to finish the whole lot. He eats the skin because he believes it’s healthy.”

Mitchell’s father Tony further said, “My son is fond of all fruits, not only the watermelons. He eats all kinds of food and especially likes Indian curry. He eats watermelon with its skin because he feels it is crunchy. Mitchell is hoping to devour another watermelon during the India vs Australia one-day international at the MCG on January 17 and the T20 international on January 29.”

An Australian health conscious kid having a keen interest in Indian spices is rare but Mitchell certainly knows his taste buds right. Mitchell also plays cricket at under-11 age-group for Spotswood Cricket Club in Melbourne.