Kevin Pietersen steps into Imelda Marcos’s shoes!

Kevin Pietersen is one of those celebrities who uses the social media to his advantage be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. He has found himself in the centre of many controversies in the social media, but he remains a very active participant in this new age communication tool.

On Thursday, he posted a huge collection of shoes. One does not know if its only part of his shoe collection or the entire rack, but whatever he posted was quite a bit. Pietersen did not stop at posting; he asked his fans: “Which @adidasuk trainers to take on my travels?” Maybe, it was a plug for “the official Instagram account for Adidas in the UK”, or maybe some other reason, but it did invite at least one funny comment. “You’re not related to Emelda Marcos are you?” said one follower, before giving answering Pietersen’s question.

For those who may not know who Imelda Marcos was, she was wife of Ferdinand Marcos, who was the President of Philippines between 1965-1986.

Imelda is known for her shoe collection; she supposed to have owned more than a thousand pairs!